New Screenwriter Hired To Rework 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Script
There's been another shake up on the "Fifty Shades of Grey" project. First, lead actor Charlie Hunnam quit, and now movie execs have hired a new screenwriter to rework the script. (keep reading...)

'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Premiere Delivers A New Plague
The Walking Dead was back in motion last night with the first episode of its fourth season, and delivered unto us a new plague. The first hint is a sickly pig - in retrospect, signally the arrival of a swine flu, or something even more deadly. Given the wretched conditions in which humans are living in this zombie world, another plague coming along is not surprising. (keep reading...)

Miley Cyrus Wanted To Bare All At VMAs, Has An 'Obsession With Being An Adult Baby'
Miley Cyrus planned on showing even more skin during her racy performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last month. During the show, she paraded around stage in flesh-colored underwear while singing a duet with Robin Thicke, but she admits she was tempted to reveal even more. (keep reading...)

'Sleepy Hollow' Provides Solid Episode 5, Goes On 3-Week Hiatus
Before taking a three-week hiatus, 'Sleepy Hollow' provides a solid fifth episode with "John Doe." This week, "Crabbie" aka Crane-Abbie uncovers the lost Roanoke colony destroyed by a plague-carrying horseman. As the residents' earth-bound souls reside behind a spiritual veil, a horseman entices a suriving child spirit into human form to inflict viral pain on the contemporary Sleepy Hollow residents. (keep reading...)

Miley Cyrus Called Out For Exploiting Little People
Nearly two months after her MTV Video Music Awards performance, Miley Cyrus is at the center of a new controversy over her racy rendition of hit single "We Can't Stop". (keep reading...)