Britney Spears released her new single on Sunday after it leaked online early. Despite the leak being a low-quality version of the song, the single was released to radio early in order to keep stations from playing the weak version. (story)

We're getting closer to the end of "Breaking Bad". Check out the recap of the sixth episode of the show's final season, "Ozymandias". (story)

Miley Cyrus has pointed her big foam finger at "internet trolls" for the controversy over her MTV Video Music Awards performance. Oh accountability, what has happened to you? (story)

Beyonce nearly went crowd surfing -- against her will -- during her gig in Sao Paulo, Brazil Saturday night. One very overzealous fan grabbed her when she neared the edge of the stage and pulled her down into the crowd. (story)

"Insidious: Chapter 2" scared up the box office over the weekend, debuting with $41 million -- more than twice that of last week's top debut, "Riddick", which only brought down $18.7 million. See how the other releases fared this week. (story)

Sara Gilbert and Johnny Galecki dated briefly while starring on "Roseanne", and "The Talk" host has given the actor credit with helping her come out of the closet. He was really cool about it, too. (story)

John Legend married supermodel Chrissy Teigen on Saturday. The couple wed at Italy's idyllic Lake Como. (story)

Dear God, NO! (story)