When we last left Mindy Lahiri and her self-involved band of fools, a newly short-haired Mindy and her minister boyfriend, Casey, were off to Haiti to help rebuild and give medical attention. Danny was back with his ex-wife, desperate to cling on to his old life. The other members of the practice…existed. Really, there were no discernible storylines for anybody else.

We pick up a few months later in Haiti with a montage that doesn’t give us much more information than we left off last season. Danny is still stuck in a loveless relationship, pinning away for Mindy for God-knows what reason. Mindy, despite being in a poverty stricken country, is still selfishly thinking about her peanut butter cups above all. The only new tidbit is that James Franco aka Paul Leotard aka He Won’t Be Here Long Enough to Care About His Real Name has joined the practice in Mindy’s place. Riveting.

Casey then proposes because this is a universe where ministers who care about Haitian orphans love selfish women. Since the show was never going to spend more than 4 minutes in Haiti, Mindy has emergency surgery that takes her back to New York and into the arms of her eccentric coworkers, like Morgan who continues to straddle the line between funny and beyond annoying.

Dr. Jeremy Reed, most known for being British and nothing else, has developed a new characteristic: overeating. Yep. We’ve reached the bottom of the barrel. He looks like Fat Apollo if Lee Adama stuffed a pillow in his shirt instead of actually eating his feelings.

The unresolved boring sexual tension between Danny and Mindy continues. He can’t bring himself to be sexual with his beautiful ex-wife, but he rushes to see Mindy to the point of flop sweat. I’d love if the second season actually showed why he likes her besides the fact that the head writer plays her. It would also be great to see her at least return the feelings a little so this doesn’t feel like The Everybody’s In Love With Mindy Show. She tries to stop him from marrying Christina again from strictly a pragmatic point of view, not from a point of romance or really even friendship. This needs to become a two-way street before I can root for them.

Mindy and Casey’s wedding, a casual at-home affair, was filled with tension for all the wrong reasons. The viewer knows that Mindy won’t be getting married, so we’re just left wondering what will end the charade. In the end, they decide to postpone to save for a more extravagant wedding, allowing Mindy to stay single and in the city for a little while longer. It was a little bit of a letdown as a conclusion but at least there’s still the promise of seeing Casey again in the future.

The Mindy Project continues to be a funny show, with many great one-liners and perfect comedic timing. However, the characters are still one-dimensional even with a full season under their belt of opportunities to fill the characters out. They should take this season as an opportunity to turn the cartoon characters into fleshed out human beings, just like New Girl did in their second season.

Other Musings:

  • Mindy’s reaction to the proposal. “I want to vine this.”
  • “Mindy when I first met you I thought this is probably going to be a fling based on your body type alone.” Just what you want to hear in a proposal.
  •  “What’s her name again? I wanna say glob.” I really like the new nurse because she may be the only character who isn’t obsessed with Mindy.
  • “Stop!” Danny hits Mindy as she looks at Dr. James Franco dreamily. “What is this the Taliban? I can’t look at a man anymore?”
  • Dr. James Franco used to be a model but who cares because he’ll be gone soon.
  • “I was meant to guide babies down the original runway. The human birth canal.”
  • I love when they make fat jokes about Mindy because her reactions are amazing.
  • “What’s a browser history?” Moments like this are why I love poor, sweet, Old Man Danny.
  • Christina snaps a computer apart in a second. The shocked looks on everyone’s faces were priceless.
  • “Who’s gonna explain Colbert to me? Is he a real guy?” Seriously, Old Man Danny is the best.
  • Casey on peeing: “I can’t stop once I’ve started. I’ll die.”
  • Casey things the wedding should be so fancy that “Bain from the Batman movies busts in through a skylight, slits my throat, and then takes you as prisoner.”