Welcome to one of the worst ever episodes of The Mindy Project. It’s an episode that proves that the writers have given up caring, haven’t listened to any of the criticism from the first season, and revel in their insensitivity.

What Went Wrong:

  • Too Much James Franco: Multiple times in the episode, James Franco attempts to be cute. Other characters make mention of his cuteness. Problem is: Franco’s baby talk doesn’t come anywhere near cute. It’s creepy and evokes images of the sort of serial killer who keeps his mother’s dead body under his bed. Even though he was only in two episodes, it was too much. There are supporting characters who have never gotten their due in a full season. Franco’s smarmy screen time should have been spent on them.
  • Rape Jokes: Mindy’s unlikeability has always seemed like a desperate attempt for the show to seem edgy but this episode went too far. First Mindy joked about her cousin getting molested by a clown. Then, after taking the drunk-off-his-ass Franco home, she tries to kiss him, even though he’s passed out. When he mumbles that he wants her to stop (he’s too drunk to even move), she says “Shhh, you liked it” and then runs off, leaving his immobile body in the middle of a hall. Much too much.
  • Kris Humphries: The show doesn’t have to take every possible special guest star off the street. Humphries, who has the acting skills you’d expect from a professional athlete, comes off as pathetic.
  • Continuing the Reed is Fat Now Storyline: Anybody think it’s funny?
  • Drink Off: In order to win back her office and the right to be called Dr. L, Mindy decides to have a shot-off with the lightweight Franco. She has over a dozen shots, but continues the rest of the night completely sober, without even a slurred word in sight. Then, she is the only one to take Franco home, despite the major plot point that everybody in the office loves him more than her. None of the other coworkers, who didn’t just drink a dozen shots and are likely much stronger, were willing to take him home?
  • This one isn’t just about this episode, but the theme song continues to be an abomination.

Things the Episode Did Right:

  • The Opening: Many of the first scenes in The Mindy Project are a mixture of cute, funny, and endearing. Everything the show should be. Tonight’s episode was no exception. Mindy tries to make the Varsity Blues whipped cream bathing suit for Casey via Skype, but makes a one piece instead. Their little quips and cute flirting is engaging and is basically what’s missing from the rest of the episode. If the show were to be as charming as its openers, it’d be one of the best sitcoms on TV.
  • One-Liners: The quick one-liners of The Mindy Project are some of the funniest on TV. There were some great ones tonight. Dr. Reed, when finding out that Franco slept with Danny’s ex: “Be a gentleman. Call him a Welshman and move on.” Bill Hader about Danny: “You are covered in sweat. Your body is trying to tell you something.”
  • Bill Hader: He’s always funny. He’s one of the few reoccurring characters worth bringing back.