On this week’s episode of The Mindy Project, we learned more about Danny Castellano through his questionable childhood friend, Stevie. Although “Danny’s Friend” primarily revolved around Danny, he wasn’t the only person getting a blast from the past. Mindy was graced with a follow up visit from Heather, portrayed by The Office’s Ellie Kemper, Josh’s manic other ex-girlfriend who caused quite a scene the last time she swung by her apartment.

Mindy spends the morning with Maggie, her college pal (who’s still in a wheelchair), when she receives a knock at the door from Heather. It turns out that Heather wants to rent an apartment in Mindy’s building so she brought over a “humble” pie as a peace offering. Although Mindy’s suspicious of Heather’s intentions, Maggie dives right in for the pie. Mindy: “That could be like one of those pies from The Help!” Mindy decides to write a letter to her building’s supervisor begging him to deny Heather’s application.

After Jeremy tells Mindy that Danny may be prescribing himself powerful pain medication, she pulls together an intervention in the office. Danny immediately shuts the group down, insisting he’s not a drug addict. (“Who serves wine at an intervention?”) We learn from Morgan that he’s been treating “a criminal” – his friend, Stevie.

Danny tells Stevie that he can no longer treat him at the office late at night – or provide him with “vic” – because his co-workers, Mindy and Jeremy, disagree with it. (I mean, how dare they!) Stevie hunts down Mindy at a shoe store and asks her out for ice cream, an offer she couldn’t refuse. She later tells everyone at the office about her date but Danny tells her to end things once he realizes it’s his Stevie. No, not the "Steven" that Mindy's gotten to know (and made out with).

Danny refuses to cut Stevie off so Mindy takes it upon herself to go to Staten Island to fix the problem. While Mindy, Morgan and Danny prepare for their upcoming trip at Mindy’s place, she gets another visit from Heather, who brings another baked item. Danny urges Mindy to tell the truth, especially since she's pushing Danny to do the same thing, so she tells Heather she wrote a letter asking for the building’s supervisor to deny her application. Heather’s old ways come back as she throws the dessert in Mindy’s face. Mindy's guilt eventually gets the best of her and she urges her building's supervisor to give Heather’s application another look. He will. Morgan spends most of the meeting fascinated by the building supervisor’s many birds. (“Can they dress me like in Cinderella?”) No Morgan, no.

Mindy, Morgan and Danny take the ferry to Staten Island. While Morgan spends the ride stumbling around and seasick, Mindy confesses to Danny although it's “hard to tell people the truth” but everything will be fine. Turns out it’s not: After Stevie’s mother invites the group in, Stevie attacks Danny, calling him “disloyal trash.” A slapping fight ensues along with some pinching until Danny apologizes for everything. Contrary to Stevie’s beliefs Danny isn't “too good for the island now.”

While Danny patches things up with Stevie, Morgan assists Stevie’s mom with her prescription pills. They suggest that Danny’s mom comes to the practice at least once a month so that she can remain on track with her pills and that way Danny will get to see Stevie. Before the group leaves Staten Island for good, Mindy snags a picture of a young, chubby Danny. (Blackmail!) No trip back home would be complete without some embarrasing photos, don't you agree?

What did you think of this week's episode of The Mindy Project? Would you like to see Ellie Kemper return next season?