Hmm. Very interesting. Very interesting indeed. I liked this one. It had a very small feel to it, as most of the scenes were at the FBI office. Let us take a look.

A man is killed by a bomb at a bus stop. Turns out, this man was trying to find evidence that his friend wasn't guilty of a crime for which he is being sentenced to death. This friend has only three days left before he is executed. Abbott believes the convicted man when he says he's innocent, and so the team begins to hunt for the real murderer. They figure, whoever murdered the woman all those years ago also killed the guy with the bomb, in order to cover up new evidence he must have uncovered.

The husband of the woman who was murdered all those years ago is now married to a much younger woman. Jane insists that this man, Feinberg, is guilty, but they have no real proof. They bring him in to the office and question him all night, hoping they can get him to fess up before the wrong man is sentenced to death. At first, it seems as if they've failed: the man is executed. However, as Feinberg and his wife leave the FBI HQ, we learn it was all a setup - the man's wife was the one to kill his previous wife, so that they could be together. Luckily, the execution was staged by Wiley editing some news footage. Abbott is able to deliver the good news, and the condemned man goes free.

Meanwhile, Lisbon had a good time on her date with Pike, and is planning on going on another one. Jane does a poor job of hiding his jealousy. Even Fischer seems curious about Lisbon dating someone, and how Jane must feel about it.

What do I think? Well, for starters, I did think there was one rather weak part of this episode: the wife was the murderer. It was obvious from the start, in my opinion. She was acting really fishy. We even had a moment where Jane seemed to notice that she was acting fishy, and we saw it right along with him. If you're going to make it that obvious, then why hide it from the audience? I think we would have gotten just as much joy out of the episode if we had been allowed in on Jane's plan from the beginning. Overall, I think this show relies on the fake-out gimmick a bit too much.

Also, just on a quick note, I was sad to see that Fischer was mostly useless in this episode. She's really grown on me as a character, and I wish we got to see a bit more of her.

But for the most part, things were good!

John de Lancie was really amazing as Feinberg. I got to see him speak at Emerald City Comicon, and it was a real treat. He's an amazing man. He was playing a bit counter to his type in this episode, as it turns out he was innocent all along... no sneaky tricks for Q this time!

Jane is jealous of Lisbon! I have real hope that they're building towards a Jane/Lisbon end game now. I'm really excited about it. I especially loved the moment when Jane told her she looked beautiful. Moments like those are rare and must be treasured.

Wylie continues to delight. He's like a cute little puppy dog. His computer keeps saying the time out loud as a way to keep himself accountable. While at first it just seems annoying, it actually ends up tricking the suspects into thinking it's the wrong time, so they can pull off the execution fake-out.

Abbott was really interesting here. His genuine concern and compassion for the wrongfully convicted prisoner was very interesting. While I feel like it's probably not realistic that an FBI agent would take this kind of personal vested interest, it was still nice to see it in his character.

There you are! It looks like we might not be getting another season after this one... oddly, I'd be okay with that. As long as I feel like these characters get a chance to catch their breaths after Red John, I think the show has done its job.