It's always great when 'The Mentalist' brings back a character, especially when they happen to be disarmingly charming and smarmy like Walter Mashburn. He was wanted for murder once before, and now it looks like the billionaire might be the one being targeted! The episode starts with Jane and Lisbon being called to a building, but there are no police cars or anything else there. Walter is the one that called them in, because he's about to sign a deal with a competitor named Yuri and Yuri was getting death threats. Walter is excited to finally beat his rival into the ground and buy his company, so he didn't want anything to happen to Yuri before the papers were signed. Unfortunately, as they go in to sign the papers and Walter pauses to flirt with Lisbon, the office blows up, killing Yuri and his head of security.

The question is now whether someone was targeting Yuri or Walter. It's assumed to be Yuri, but wouldn't that be just what everyone expects? That's what Jane thinks at least. They speak to Yuri's widow, who admits she used to be engaged to Walter. They are led to another businessman/rival of the two men, Markam. He was used by Walter to buy up shares of Yuri's company to take over, and he has reason to dislike both of them. While looking for Markam, they are shot at and it comes very close to killing both Lisbon and Markam. Bad enough that a bullet hole is on her collar. Jane wanders around Yuri's house and notices something about his toupee cabinet, but he's escorted out.

Jane manages to get Markam to come out of hiding by going to a rich auction and using Walter's card to buy something he knows Markam wants. Then when they have a party for Walter, he puts it on display, and the man comes out of hiding to throw a temper tantrum. They talk to him, but it seems to be a dead end. Another option is Walter's ex-girlfriend who is violent and psychotic, but she only goes after other women who like him. Such as Lisbon, who tries this entire episode not to let on to the fact she is totally into Walter. The Lisbon/Jane fans must be crying at this point. The ex-girlfriend has been stalking him, and she does have some useful photos. They see that Walter knew Yuri's chief of security and they start to think maybe he was in cahoots and planned all of this.

Libson accuses Walter of this while the widow speaks with Jane, and Walter abruptly speeds off. They chase after him, but he must be trying to get to a plane in time to escape. Except of course it's one of Jane's elaborate plans! It turns out Yuri never died at all. This was all his plan to kill Walter and run off with his wife with a great deal of money. He set the bomb and didn't realize Walter stopped to talk to Lisbon, so the plan was ruined. So he tried to shoot him, but again, no such luck. The widow was in on it of course, and there's one case down. Lisbon's nowhere to be found because she's with Walter, and makes it clear to him this was just a one night sort of thing.

But it doesn't need to be. Walter's a charming guy and not a bad character. He plays off Jane very well, and they both seem to respect and like one another. He had real chemistry with Lisbon too, so hopefully this isn't the last time we see him on the show.

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