The Learning Curve is going decidedly heavier this week, so hopefully you're strapped in and your seats are in the upright position. Two-fifths of the bands this week dwell on the metal side of the musical spectrum, so get ready.

Becoming the Archetype and Leathermouth and ready to blow you away. If you are into noisecore like the Refused, then make sure you go that extra step and check out Frankie Iero's side project Leathermouth (hint: nothing like My Chem) and if you are a fan of melodic metal practitioners Demon Hunter, BTH is a band right up your alley.

Once again, TLC has done it. Now you go do your thing and give these bands your attention this week.


Royal Bliss
Hail from: Salt Lake City, UT
Label: Capitol Records
Sounds like: Jetblackstare, No Vacancy, Buckcherry
You should be listening to: 'Life In Between'


I Should Care Why?: If you are looking for one more solid addition to your normal rotation of rock bands, then consider Royal Bliss. Led by the heart-on-sleeve sincerity of frontman Neal Middleton, these guys are ready to take on some more much needed attention. Lead single 'Save Me,' off of 'Life In Between,' is enough to get you hooked, and then once they have you, they might not ever let go. Either that or you won't want to leave.

Hail from: New York, NY
Label: None
Sounds like: David Cook, Switchfoot, Daughtry
You should be listening to: 'Stronger'


Should Care Why?: Jon Santos' former band Seven Wiser didn't quite get the credit they deserved, so Santos decided to try his own thing, and after releasing a solo record, he formed Fallzone. Santos has a rocker voice fit for American Idol, well, and the look to go with it, and he can surely wail. It's about time he formed a band because I never saw him as the singer/songwriter type, so kudos to him for finally listening to me. Well, I mean, I never actually told him that, but he somehow heard me shouting at my laptop. But still, kudos.

Leathermouth (
Hail from: New Jersey
Label: Epitaph Records
Sounds like: The Refused, Gallows, the Fall of Troy
You should be listening to: 'XO'


I Should Care Why?: While Leathermouth might be the new side project of My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero, all of the teenage girls out there shouldn't get their panties in a bunch just yet. Chances are you will hate this band and their music is you're a follower of MCR. It's raw, fast, heavy and very, very hate-filled. It's not often you get a guitarist from a pop band writing about killing people (5th Period Massacre), but for mainstream cynics like me, this s**t is f***ing awesome.

These Green Eyes
Hail from: New Haven, CT
Label: Blackledge Music
Sounds like: Fair to Midland, Senses Fail, Dredg
You should be listening to: 'Relapse to Recovery'


I Should Care Why?: They combine elements of powerpop and post-hardcore to create a sound that is equally influenced by the sounds of Dredg and a heavier band like Senses Fail. They have the musical chops to not be labeled as a simple carbon copy, especially their single 'Sucker Punch.' The hook of this track has me hooked (literally, pun intended), and should do the same to you too. Their album 'Relapse to Recovery' is pretty good too. Check it out.

Becoming the Archetype
Hail from: Atlanta, GA
Label: Solid State Records
Sounds like: Demon Hunter, Killswitch Engage, Unearth
You should be listening to: 'Dichotomy'


I Should Care Why?: With their latest, and greatest, record to date, 'Dichotomy,' seem poised to join the frontlines of American metal with bands like As I Lay Dying and Lamb of God, and with just cause too. This is easily one of the finest metal records I have heard in recent times, and was actually my front runner for metal record of the year before I heard Lamb of God's 'Wrath.' This is seriously good metal that you really need to be listening to. Period.

Story by Brian Campbell

Starpulse contributing writer