This week's article is devoted to rock music, whether it's scenesters, 90'salt-rock, hardcore, and southern hard rock. You should hear, see and read about a lot of faces you might have seen before, but this time they are in different places.

If you want to hear something maybe a little different from the norm, check out TV/TV or Damn This Desert Air. If you want hard rock, then lean towards F5 and Disciple, but if you want your music very, very heavy - Kill What I Adore is right up your alley.


Damn This Desert Air
Hail from: Wayne, New Jersey
Label: Koi Records
Sounds like: Nirvana, Bayside, Boysetsfire
You should be listening to: 'EP 1'


I Should Care Why?: Damn This Desert Air consists of ex-members of Instruction, Ex-Number Five and NORA, but don't let their previous work fool you, they sound nothing like those defunct acts. DTDA play a good-looking underground 90's alternative rock, one you would never dare hear on the radio. Think what 90's rock bands would sound like if their songs were specially written for the radio.

Hail from: Arizona
Label: Koch Records
Sounds like: Megadeth, Damageplan, Black Label Society
You should be listening to: 'The Reckoning'


I Should Care Why?: While their cover of Fight's 'Nailed to the Gun' make them immediately listenable, F5 have more to offer than covers. With Megadeth's Dave Ellefson on bass, at least you know their rhythm section is good. You get what you'd expect - solid vocals, blazing guitars, bountiful soloing and well constructed songs.

Kill What I Adore
Hail from: Columbus, Ohio
Label: Ironclad Records
You should be listening to: 'Whatever It Takes'


I Should Care Why?: I usually don't feature many hardcore bands like Kill What I Adore in the Learning Curve, but when they are good I do. Obviously, KWIA is good. The guitars shred, the double bass drumming rips and the vocals annihilate to say the least. They are band very active in their scene, and their scene is a good one. You'll want to be part of it.

Hail from: New York City, New York
Label: None
Sounds like: Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, Reggie And The Full Effect
You should be listening to: 'Something to Get Excited About'


I Should Care Why?: TV/TV are about as big a scene band as their ever was, but there is something about them that just hooks you. If you've heard Cobra Starship, you have heard TV/TV and while they are probably a flash in the pan band who also happens to be your little sister's favorite, they are so disgustingly sugary sweet and brimming with tasty hooks you can't stop yourself from singing, so they had to make this list. Ugh, bands like this are all Gabe Saporta's fault.

Hail from: Knoxville, Tennessee
Label: INO Records
Sounds like: 3 Doors Down, Saliva, Drowning Pool
You should be listening to: 'Southern Hospitality'


I Should Care Why?: If you think you might have heard these southern boys before, you might be right - they have been featured on NFL programming and the Best Damn Sports Show, as well as being featured during the WWE's Cyber Sunday pay per view. Their southern roots cut through their stout hard rock exterior, showing that the band has some bark to go along with all that sonic bite. If you're into good, old fashioned southern hard rock, this one's for you.

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Story by Brian Campbell

Starpulse contributing writer