This week my friends, it is all about bringing to you, the rock. Yes, rock music, you know it and hopefully love it, because you know very well your friends at the Learning Curve love it.

This time out you will get rock bands from all parts of the country - north, south, east and west, and will get a dose from all over the veritable rock spectrum.

From singer/songwriter, to 90's, to heavy southern rock/metal to just plain old good times rock, Safety Word Orange will bring you back to the mid-90's, the Vintage Burning might just hurt your ears if not ready and Rotation will give you a taste of nu-school rock.


Hail from: Flat Rock, MI
Label: Transmission: 222 Records
Sounds like: Trust Company, Chevelle, Trapt
You should be listening to: Assorted Songs


I Should Care Why?: With a new full length album due out sometime this year and over a million MySpace plays, Rotation is a band that needs your ear, preferably sooner than later. They look like one of the next big things in modern rock, so you mine as well just on the bandwagon right now. They have enough solid guitar/vocal driven hooks to keep you entertained for a while.

The Vintage Burning
Hail from: Wisconsin
Label: None
Sounds like: Flyleaf, 12 Stones, Egypt Central
You should be listening to: Assorted songs


I Should Care Why?: They are a band with a colorful back story, also one that I have had on my musical radar for a few years. They have a talented female lead singer in Ames, who can both shatter and soothe vocally, which is the heart of the bands aesthetic and appeal. Toss in swirling guitars and frenzied drums and you have the Vintage Burning in a nutshell.

Fall of Envy
Hail from: Florida
Label: None
Sounds like: Red, Signs of Betrayal, Dark New Day
You should be listening to: 'Poetic Rage'


I Should Care Why?: Fall of Envy jam some pretty good, marketable modern hard rock, and with all of their recent successes it might be hard for these not to break onto the national stage eventually. They have been named the official band of mixed martial arts company Xtreme Fighting Championship and have also shared the stage with Nonpoint, Sevendust and Papa Roach. Their debut record, 'Poetic Rage,' should go a long way in garnering these boys a major label deal.

Jon Santos
Hail from: New York, New York
Label: None
Sounds like: Daughtry, Shinedown, 3 Doors Down
You should be listening to: 'Stronger'


I Should Care Why?: This former Seven Wiser frontman is back on the scene, this time as a solo project, and his debut disc, 'Stronger,' is a good body of hard rock/singer/songwriter music, full of ballads and sing-able hooks. Santos has a good, powerful voice, which carries each and every song he creates. If you're into this type of rock, then Jon Santos needs to be a name on your list of musicians to check out.

Safety Word Orange
Hail from: Richmond, VA
Label: None
Sounds like: Third Eye Blind, Everclear, Ill Scarlett
You should be listening to: 'Self Titled' EP


I Should Care Why?: Chances are there aren't many other bands jamming out the same way Safety Word Orange is. Their stark mid-90's pop rock feel is a welcome addition to today's scene oft-filled with carbon copy bands. With Adema's Ed Feris behind the mixing board of their debut EP, expect a shiny coat of unyielding rock sheen, laden with as much musicianship as you can handle. In all likelihood, SWO are one of the best bands you have never heard of.

Story by Brian Campbell

Starpulse contributing writer