The Learning Curve this week spans the spectrum of many genres of music, from indie powerpop to Christian hard rock, all the way to punk/post-hardcore.

Hope Kills Fear will satisfy the hard rock fans, as well as Christian rock fans, Skipline brings the old school heavy, Machina keeps this rolling with some grunge hard rock, One Small Step for Landmines will soothe the listener next, then Silent Drive wraps up everything in a nice little package.

I'm just trying my best to make everyone happy.


Hope Kills Fear
Hail from: New York City, New York
Label: None
Sounds like: Red, Pillar, 12 Stones
You should be listening to: Assorted Songs


I Should Care Why?: Candiria was brilliant. Unfortunately they are no longer and lead singer and brainchild Carley Coma had to move on. And move on he did. He formed Hope Kills Fear, moved almost as far away musically as he could from Candiria, and it paid off. HKF showcases the outstanding vocal abilities of Coma, as well as some of the most killer hooks you've probably never heard. Listen to 'Save Me' to see what I mean.

One Small Step for Landmines
Hail from: Tallahassee, Florida
Label: Doghouse Records
Sounds like: The Get Up Kids, The Format, Secondhand Serenade
You should be listening to: 'One Small Step for Landmines'


I Should Care Why?: With their recently released acoustic EP 'If You Could Get Over Me,' OSSFL has added another element to their game. They have a knack for writing marketable poppy and hooky powerpop, as well as earnest, bleeding heart songs. They are better acoustically than they are with a full band, but they are good nevertheless.

Hail from: Cleveland, Ohio
Label: Approaching Storm Records
Sounds like: Hatebreed, Vision of Disorder, Life of Agony
You should be listening to: Assorted Songs


I Should Care Why?: Old school mosh pit stomp metal. There might not be a better way to describe the force behind of Skipline's music. Skipline was all about circle pit inciting breakdowns and swirling guitars. Sure, they weren't around a long time and their only release was a cassette, yes a cassette, but at least they're back. Hey, the band that current Chimaira bassist Jim LaMarca grew up in can't be that bad, right?

Hail from: Little Rock, Arkansas
Label: None
Sounds like: Seether, Hurt, Puddle of Mudd


I Should Care Why?: You should be listening to: Machina features former members of Evanescence and Future Leaders of the World (vocals, guitar, drums), and while that shouldn't send you rushing to iTunes, it does tell you that they are talented. Their modern rock accessibility could take them places, but it's their grunge element that should make them popular.

Silent Drive
Hail from: Worchester, Mass.
Label: Equal Vision Records
Sounds like: Rise Against, Rufio, Silverstein
You should be listening to: 'Love Is Worth It'


I Should Care Why?: Silent Drive's blend of atmospherics and punk rock make them a band that stands out amongst others. The band features former members of legendary hardcore scenesters Bane and Drowningman (two bands gone before their time) and boast powerful guitars and songs that feature a unique mixture of punk, rock and post-hardcore. You'd be hard pressed to find this anywhere else and if you do, you might not find it any better.

Story by Brian Campbell

Starpulse contributing writer