(The Learning Curve) Well here we are again. It's a new week and with it comes five more bands to listen to and, hopefully, become a fan of. Music is stale, especially this time of the year, and I am here to help. I know about the 'winter blahs' and such, but these bands should snap you out of your funk.

If you like female rock music then this is a good week for you because the Vincent Black Shadow and Blameshift will get you smiling, and the remaining three, 32 Leaves, Spoken and Dive, all bring their take on rock music straight to your ear piece.

Enjoy this week ladies and germs...

1.) The Vincent Black Shadow - Emo/Pop
Hail from: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Label: Bodog
Sounds like: My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, Aiden
You should be listening to: 'Fears in the Water'


I Should Care Why?: There aren't many bands with solid lead female singers, let alone emo bands. Their 'Fears in the Water' record has a catchy aesthetic to it, but their song arrangements and song writing abilities shouldn't be overlooked by the sheer force of their lofty hooks. You'll be singing along in no time.

2.) Blameshift - Rock
Hail from: Syosset, NY
Label: None
Sounds like: Flyleaf, Eyes Set to Kill, Silverstein
You should be listening to: 'The Test'


I Should Care Why?: Blameshift, wow. Another good female fronted band, but they have a little more rock in their step. They, like the Vincent Black Shadow, employ a lot of those catchy hooks and melodic goodness, just not in such a sugary sweet fashion. With Blameshift, you will move along to the catchy beat of the music, but be aware; you will find yourself in a mosh pit if you aren't careful (IE, the HUGE chorus of 'War Within').

3.) 32 Leaves - Rock/Metal
Hail from: Phoenix, AZ
Label: Universal
Sounds like: 10 Years, Pressure 4-5, Crossfade
You should be listening to: 'Welcome to the Full'


I Should Care Why?: These guys are probably the best rock band I have heard to not be charting, or played constantly at radio. They have a sound that is on par with every other mainstream rock band out there today. They might be the best rock band you haven't heard of, but those times need to change. Listen to 'All Is Numb' and then try and tell me you aren't a fan. Yeah, that's what I thought.

4.) Spoken - Rock
Hail from: Fayetteville, AR
Label: Tooth & Nail
Sounds like: Evans Blue, Skillet, Framing Hanley
You should be listening to: 'Self Titled'


I Should Care Why?: Spoken represent the better side of Christian rock music. I have always been a fan of Christian rock because of the seemingly limitless talent pool it possesses, and Spoken is no different. Think Decyfer Down, Pillar and Kutless mixed into one rock package. Not saying that Spoken is better, but they are sure close.

5.) Dive - Rock
Hail from: New Jersey
Label: None
Sounds like: TRUSTcompany, Nickelback, Silvertide
You should be listening to: 'The Truth About Us'


I Should Care Why?: Dive is another quality rock band for you to sink your teeth into. Not only are they the kind of rock band you will want to be a fan of, but they are also the kind of band you can impress your friends by knowing. Dive has a good grasp of how modern rock should sound and their record 'the Truth About Us' is a good example of that.

Story by Brian Campbell

Starpulse contributing writer