(The Learning Curve) There's literally something for everyone's palette. This week is a journey. Hit the dance floor with SS Nova and Blaqk Audio, whip out the air guitar with Lynam, jump in the mosh pit with Demon Hunter and then start singing along with New Years Day.

This week you might see some familiar faces in some of these bands, but still, they are worth a listen. The members that formed these bands sound little or nothing like their old calling cards, so make sure you take the time to listen.

Enjoy my friends.

1.) SS Nova - Rock/Electronic
Hail from: Orange County, CA
Label: None
Sounds like: Deftones, The Bled, Poison The Well
You should be listening to: Self Titled EP


I Should Care Why?: If you think you have already heard SS Nova because they have some members of Scars of Tomorrow, think again. This is something totally new. With a strong electronic aspect to the music and the hot and cold dynamic of Dave Rodriguez's singing (think PTW's Jeffrey Moreira), SS Nova is something new and albeit different. The track 'Mission to Apartment 12' is a winner in my book.

2.) Demon Hunter - Metal
Hail from: Seattle, WA
Label: Tooth & Nail
Sounds like: Sevendust, Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch
You should be listening to: 'Storm the Gates of Hell,' 'The Triptytch'


I Should Care Why?: Demon Hunter are one of the most widely overlooked metal bands making music today. They just flat out rip ('Undying'), but can break your heart with a ballad as well ('The Tide Began to Rise'). Actually 'the Tide Began to Rise' is one of the saddest songs I personally have ever heard, but regardless, DH can melt your face with a blistering guitar filled verse then have you singing along during the chorus. Vocalist Ryan Clark is that good.

3.) Lynam - Rock
Hail from: Birmingham, AL
Label: EMG
Sounds like: The Exies, Hinder, Buckcherry
You should be listening to: Assorted Demos


I Should Care Why?: You can absolutely never go wrong with a talented, young, hungry rock band. Well, Lynam is just that band. Their guitars are lively and this is a band that is always right in your grill telling you like it is. In the end though all they give you is a great, refreshing rock sound. They just want you to have fun.

4.) Blaqk Audio - Electronic
Hail from: Hollywood, CA
Label: Interscope
Sounds like: Orgy, Heavens, Celldweller
You should be listening to: 'Cex Cells'


I Should Care Why?: Sure it's Davey Havok and Jade Puget from AFI, but Blaqk Audio is not AFI. This is something entirely different; different music, different sound, different everything. It is 100 percent electronic and sounds like something more fit for the club than anything else. It is good though, and 'Cex Cells' is definitely one of the better purely electronica records to come out in recent memory.

5.) New Years Day - Powerpop
Hail from: Anaheim, CA
Label: TVT
Sounds like: Paramore, Taking Back Sunday, Boys Like Girls
You should be listening to: 'My Dear'


I Should Care Why?: They sound a bit Paramore and a bit All American Rejects, but New Years Day is definitely a band worth keeping an eye on. The first time I heard them I compared them to Taking Back Sunday with a female singer since they can carry a hook with the best of them and actually write some good songs. It's eerie how much 'I Was Right' sounds like 'You're So Last Summer.'

Story by Brian Campbell

Starpulse contributing writer