'The Learning Curve,' is a weekly column that showcases five unsigned or indie bands that normal music fans would otherwise never hear off. This week is one of the better crops of new and unheard bands I have put together. You will get a heavy dose of the rock and even some straight metal for your earholes to enjoy.

It's like a good old fashioned tag team match. It is the rock team of Deepfield and Shamans Harvest vs. the metal team of Sighlo and Carnifex, and I guess that Chris Nathan is the ref. Who wins you ask?

Well, I'm not sure because this, unlike pro wrestling, this is real, so you'll have to listen to the bands and then judge for yourself. We will do this one by crowd response.


1.) Chris Nathan - Rock/Pop (http://www.myspace.com/chrisnathanmusic)

Hail from: Nashville, TN by way of Buffalo, NY
Label: None
Sounds like: Maroon 5, John Mayer, Rooney
You should be listening to: 'Words'

I Should Care Why? Chris is one of the most gifted singers I have ever heard, and his band now is worlds apart from what he was doing with Woke Up in Vegas. He embraced his pop music abilities and really did a nice job blending in funk and soul as well. Their music soothes and bounces and should make a fan out of you in no time.

2.) Sighlo - Metal (www.myspace.com/sighlo)

Hail from: Columbus, OH
Label: None
Sounds like: Switched, Inhale Exhale, A Static Lullaby
You should be listening to: 'The Start'

I Should Care Why? These guys are one of the better melodic metal bands on the market today. I think I'm starting to fall in love with Ohio metal bands and Sighlo is one of the reasons why. With the direction that the whole metal scene is going today, it's truly hard to find any band worth listening to. I think that this band will go a long way to please the real metalhead and the melodic metal fan in you.

3.) Deepfield - Rock (www.myspace.com/deepfield)

Hail from: Charleston, SC & Chicago, OH
Label: Indegoot Records
Sounds like: Crossfade, Smile Empty Soul, Mercy Fall
You should be listening to: 'Archetypes and Repetition'

I Should Care Why? These guys are one of the better up and coming rock acts right now, and it is really their blend of true rock and roll and marketable hooks that keep putting them on this list. The vocals are top notch, and the way the band progresses through verses and choruses gives their modern rock a sheen of freshness. Go see for yourself.

4.) Shamans Harvest - Southern Rock (www.myspace.com/shamansharvest)

Hail from: Jefferson City, MISS
Label: Ltd/Tribal Music
Sounds like: Alter Bridge, Dropbox, Another Animal
You should be listening to: 'March of the Bastards'

I Should Care Why? You know, good southern rock is becoming increasingly harder to come by day by day. Shaman's Harvest show some flashes of brilliance with The Offering, and even though they are quality southern rock, they also stealthily mix in some signs of early to mid 90's rock and today's more modern rock sound as well. As big and serious as their rock and roll is, they aren't afraid to rip off a catchy hook now and then.

5.) Carnifex - Death Metal (www.myspace.com/carnifexmetal)

Hail from: San Diego, CA
Label: Victory Records
Sounds like: The Black Dahlia Murder, Mortician, Through the Eyes of the Dead
You should be listening to: 'Dead in My Arms'

I Should Care Why? They are flat out the heaviest band on Earth right now, period. If you are sitting there thinking 'no way man, my band is heavier than Carnifex,' you're very wrong. Saying your band is heavier than Carnifex is like saying you could beat up Floyd Mayweather. Listen to 'Lie to My Face' and you will see I am telling the truth. Carnifex will shatter your ear drums, and then have you in the pit in no time. If you like your metal downright brutal then you don't have to thank me for this one, just enjoy it.

Give these bands a listen and let us know what you think. Comment in the box below.

Story by Brian Campbell

Starpulse contributing writer