This week, the DVD/Blu-Ray release of “The Iron Lady” hits stores.  The film garnered Meryl Streep 29 different acting award nominations, including her 17th Academy Award nomination (and third win) and her 26th Golden Globe Award nomination (and eighth win), solidifying her place in Hollywood as the most-nominated actor in the history of the industry.  The film was released to mixed reviews but it is her performance as Britain’s first (and thus far only) female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher that makes this movie a compelling viewing.  Streep has made a name for herself turning real people into memorable movie characters but of her three Academy Awards only her win for portraying Margaret Thatcher was for a non-fictional character.  We thought the release of “The Iron Lady” was a great time to look back on five of Meryl Streep’s most memorable depictions of real-life people.