So what happened this week on "Prison Break?" Did the gang find another card? Did someone get killed? Were there any major plot holes? Was it entertaining? No need for suspense...the answer to all those questions is yes. You shouldn't be surprised. This is "Prison Break," after all.

The Obligatory MiSa Pandering

Things kick off this week with a tender little moment between Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies). They look longingly at boats and talk about how some day, they will sail away together. That's all well and good, except for one little problem. They still have no chemistry. They never did. And why exactly would Sara want to sail away with Michael, the man who ruined her life? She was a respected prison doctor before Michael coldly seduced her as part of his original escape plan. Since then she has lost her job, seen her father killed ("Prison Break" misses you John Heard), was almost drowned, been kidnapped, and now is on the run, being hunted down by The Company. Oh yeah, that's a solid basis for any healthy, long-lasting relationship.

The Six P's of Brad Bellick

Thanks to Michael's ingenious use of his cell phone in last week's episode, the boys (and girl) have a video that will eventually allow them to discover the identity of all Scylla cardholders. But delicate procedures, such as extracting clear pictures of the cardholders from a cell phone, take time. How much time you ask? About one cardholder a week.

The gang quickly discovers that the next cardholder on their list is the wife of a Turkish diplomat. Bellick (Wade Williams) tries to make himself useful by telling everyone how the "Six Ps" will help their current situation, and he is ignored. Not only that, but Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) then approaches poor Bradley and tells him that they will cut him loose if he continues to be so useless. Hey Linc, cut him some slack. The man survived the freakin' Sona Circle of Death…twice!

Time for Some Secret Agent Action

In order to get close enough to this week's cardholder in order to copy her card (remember, they have "The Device" to do that), Michael, Lincoln and Mahone (William Fichtner) must infiltrate a charity event for fallen LAPD officers that she is attending. They manage to snag some blues and proceed to play dress-up (with varying degrees of success). Michael looks like a 10 year old wearing a Halloween costume, Lincoln just looks utterly ridiculous and unconvincing, and Mahone looks like Officer Engelman, the racist corrupt cop that the Fichtster portrayed in the cult classic "Strange Days."

Things go just swimmingly until Lincoln, possessing the subtlety of a hulking gorilla, gets made by the cardholder's Company bodyguards. Seriously, what is the logic in bringing Lincoln along for an infiltration/espionage mission? It makes sense to include Linc the Sink when the task involves breaking down a door, sweating profusely or punching someone in the face, but otherwise, why bother? Thankfully, Mahone possesses actual brains, and manages to improvise with Michael in order to get the card copied.

Lincoln, meanwhile, is followed outside and cornered by the Company operative who spotted him. He is nearly killed before Bellick, who had been waiting outside in the car with Sucre (the two of them seem to have that whole car waiting gig down to a science) comes to the rescue and stabs the dude. Good thing Brad doesn't hold a grudge.

T-Bag Snags a Corner Office

Meanwhile, the saga of T-Bag (Robert Knepper), a.k.a. Cole Pfeiffer: Master Salesman, continues. Theodore has a little trouble getting to the office on the first day, as he is spotted by Lincoln while searching for the office building in a very convenient but necessary moment, although it would have been cool if T-Bag never encountered Lincoln or Michael again and instead pursued his sales career (hey, it would have been a better spin-off than "Private Practice"). He manages to evade being captured by Lincoln and his "Blood Feud" opponent Michael while also keeping Whistler's precious bird book safe.

T-Bag then makes his way to work, where he is greeted like a celebrity and given a sweet corner office. He also finds some more clues in Whistler's bird book, and follows them. No doubt T-Bag thinks that the trail of breadcrumbs will eventually lead to fortunes that dwarf the D.B. Cooper money he briefly possessed in season 2, but he should really know better than that by now.

This Week with Termie

And what about everyone's favorite assassin, Terminator Wyatt (Cress Williams)? Well, he certainly has been keeping busy. Fresh off of dispatching Bruce Bennett, he is sent by The General to kill a former Company member who had been spilling Company secrets to Agent Self (Michael Rapaport). After easily accomplishing that task, he proceeds to check in on the battered Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe), who he has been keeping as his "side" torture victim. Gretchen, who looks like a completely different person when not sporting the Bozo the Clown look, isn't talking. Is it because Gretch is too well trained to talk, or does she simply not know anything? Either way, it doesn't really matter since we see her picking the lock on her handcuffs after Termie leaves. She'll be out of there in no time.

Termie then gets a nice, juicy lead on the whereabouts of Sara. You see, Sara, dangerously close to falling off the wagon after learning that Termie killed Bruce Bennett, got pick-pocketed at a dive bar while debating whether or not to have a sip of bourbon. She was carrying Cousin Brucie's credit card at the time, which was stolen by a fellow patron and used at the bar. Bingo! Termie's neural net lights up and he closes in on poor, clueless Sara. She better run, because one thing is for sure. If Termie gets a hold of her, she will die for real. Unlike Gretchen, he takes no prisoners.

Moving Along

All in all, this was another solid episode, effectively moving along the story arc for season four. Many mysteries remain, such as: what is wrong with Michael (he suffered another nosebleed)? Where will Whistler's book (and Cole Pfeiffer) eventually lead T-Bag? Whose side will Gretchen be on when she escapes? What is The Company's end-game? Can computer nerd Roland be trusted? While the answers to all of these questions will most likely be illogical, there is no doubt that they will be entertaining.

What did you think about this week's episode? Who do you think Termie will kill next week? Why does Michael keep bringing Lincoln along on missions that he can't handle? Best answer wins a prize*. Leave a comment!

*Note: there is no prize

Story by Derek Krebs

Starpulse contributing writer