Finally, The Hunger Games sequel has begun five wonderful weeks of filming on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Many fan pictures have been uploaded across the internet and indeed show the cast filming the Quarter Quell scenes on Oahu's North Shore.  Island residents have also reportedly seen the cast and crew setting up in lush Manoa Valley, a beautiful spot where the TV show Lost was filmed multiple times.  

If you happen to be in the area, a casting call was just released on Hawaii News Now.

"Seeking Stand Ins able to portray the following:

FEMALE – 5'1″/100lbs. Caucasian, age range 25-50. Long silver or blonde hair.

MALE – 5'7″/145lbs. Caucasian, age range 19-20s. Very light brown/sandy hair.

FEMALE – 5'9″/125lbs. Caucasian, age range 19-30. Brown shoulder length hair.

MALE – 5'10″/180lbs. African American, age range 30s-50s. Short dark hair.

MALE – 5'11″/175lbs. Caucasian, age range 19-20s. Light brown/sandy hair."

To see the full casting call details here.