This was one of the episodes on "House" that makes a fan smile; it thrived on layered plot lines and excellent acting. It reminded everyone why this is one of the best shows on television and deserves the Emmy nods every year.

While the focus on Thirteen has been irritating lately - and continues to be somewhat in this episode "Let Them Eat Cake" - Olivia Wilde manages to play the role both subtly and compassionately. Plus, there is plenty of Huddy (House and Cuddy romance) hilarity to go around, so yay for "House" getting a good medium with its full cast.

Right off the Huddy fans have to be excited, because the episode starts with Cuddy moving into House's office. Her office was destroyed thanks to an obsessive gunman last week, if you recall, and she has decided to get in House's space. Why? Because he is personally responsible, or so she says. This begins a constant back and forth between the two of them that is so childishly hilarious you wonder if they are really doctors or still five. This is one of the reasons people fear having the two hook up; that banter and spark could go away.

The patient of the week is a health nut named Emmy (Samantha Shelton) who used to be overweight and now runs an exercise program for other people. She has problems with her lungs, only not, and her heart, only not, so this is a complicated case for Dr. House. The doctors do figure out that she lied about losing the weight naturally and had a gastric bypass. It is Taub's turn this week to connect with a patient, and he tries to help her keep her spirit up while not-so-secretly judging her. He even lets her have a piece of cake!

In this episode of "Thirteen, MD" she joins Foreman's clinic study for Huntington's. While she follows all his instructions, she misses the appointments because a very sick fellow patient reminds her of her dead mother. Flashbacks drive this fact home like a big giant anvil, but the confession to Foreman about her hatred toward the sick mother was very genuine and sad. While the Foreteen romance may just be getting started, they do have an odd sort of chemistry, although whether it will work like Chase and Cameron remains to be seen.

Speaking of Chase and Cameron, they show up for an obligatory scene to help Kutner out. He started a second opinion website under House's name and one of the patients is in demanding to see House. She is getting sicker too, so he asks everyone to keep it secret and help him. They do - for a percentage of his profits. Kutner and Taub clearly have not been working for House long enough since they did not see the prank coming when it turns out the woman "dies" and was working for House all along. To teach them a lesson? Nah, just to mess with them!

The patient has a disease that requires her to have a high carb diet (let her eat cake, get it? Ha!), but she would rather be pretty than healthy, so she takes a different kind of medication instead. Taub is sad. Not as sad as House, who almost starts something with Cuddy but blows it off with an insensitive grope instead. She almost gives up on him, despite Cupid Wilson's attempts, but House redecorates her office with a beautiful desk she had in college. This thoughtful attempt almost gets them together - again! - but she sees his fake dead patient flirting with him and walks away instead. Oh, you two.

Overall this was a great episode of "House." Everyone was utilized perfectly, and Thirteen had some real emotion and even a few funny lines. The Huddy romance is slowly moving, and it will either heat up at sweeps ... or hit another brick wall. Next week is the last episode until January, and it looks like our favorite cranky doctor might be getting into the Christmas spirit. Whaaaaaat? "House" is on FOX Tuesday's at 8 PM EST.

House cast: Hugh Laurie / Lisa Edelstein / Omar Epps / Robert Sean Leonard / Jennifer Morrison / Jesse Spencer / Peter Jacobson / Kal Penn / Anne Dudek / Olivia Wilde / Edi Gathegi

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle
Starpulse contributing writer