The Hottest Nude Beaches Around The Globe!

It's no secret that when one chooses to attend a nude beach, they do so with expectations that everyone there will look like this:

Sexy Woman on a Nude BeachSexy Woman on a Nude BeachPawel Sierakowski

But in reality, some if not all beaches have a bit of this:

Happy Guy on a Nude BeachHappy Guy on a Nude BeachСергей Тряпицын 

Don't get me wrong, those people are great! One thing you can be sure of, all who individuals who visit nude beaches are confident and comfortable in their own skin, which is refreshing when you think about all of the other people in the world who suffer from issues, such as body dysmorphia.

For those who are confident, and less modest, and willing to spend money to travel somewhere to chill on a nude beach, they want to be certain they see more of the girl in the first picture and less of the guy in the second picture. After all, you do not want your experience to feel like this:

WTF Nude Beach MomentWTF Nude Beach MomentChad Zuber

So we will explore the places that you can be sure that your money will be well spent and enjoy the beach most without any unnecessary distractions or awkward moments.

Red Beach of Matala on Crete island, GreeceRed Beach of Matala, Crete island, GreeceIosif Lucian Bolca

Red Beach, Crete, Greece

Known for its unusually colored pink sand beaches Crete's Red Beach, with its cobalt-blue waters, sun-dyed bungalows, old vestiges and red sandstone bluffs, is amazingly pleasant.

Red Beach which is clothing optional, was made popular in 1968 when "Hippies" from all over Europe ran to its shores. Red Beach has since remained a naturist's most loved beach on account of its tolerance (The only place nudity is not allowed is the dining area,) and its overall beauty.

Also found on Red Beach is a refreshment bar, ancient caves, and on occasion, pieces of historical shipwrecks that wash ashore. The sand here is a bit grainy so if you plan on making the trip, either bring a chair to sit on, or a towel.

Hidden Beach Resort MexicoHidden Beach Resort, Mexicoactionsports 

Hidden Beach Resort, Mexico 

Tucked away between Cancun and Tulum, is Mexico's Hidden Resort. Hidden Beach Resort is a naturists heaven, with the resort catering solely to them. Guests here have all kinds of activities they can participate in, dining, dancing, sunbathing, and visiting the spa, all of which can be done completely nude. There is also a nude cruise for adults, that takes you either naked or clothed to Mayan ruins in Tulum. 

Cap d’agde, France Cap d’agde, France Bonzami Emmanuelle 

Cap d’agde, France 

If you would like to visit a place that forces you to be nude, Cap d’agde, France is the place for you. During the time of Mid March thru mid-October, it is a requirement for visitors here, to be nude. So if you have been curious about the naturist lifestyle, this could be your best option, since no one here will judge you for any reason, unless of course, you refuse to take off your clothes.

Ocho Rios, JamaicaOcho Rios, Jamaicaupslim 

Ocho Rios, Jamaica 

Off the shore of Ocho Rios, Jamaica is a tiny island called Tower Isle. What makes this island unique is that it is for romantic couples who want to experience a naturists day excursion on a private island. On the island, you will find a cabana bar, pool, lounging nooks, and the same pristine beach that you enjoy on the mainland. Due to the tropical weather, it is possible to visit Tower Isle any time of year.

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