Last week on Heroes we left Claire in the kitchen with the Puppeteer, Doyle. This week he begs for her help. Rebel sent a fake call to the agents outside so Claire and Sandra can't call for help. Doyle wants to know why they aren't kicking down the door and nabbing "comes back to life Barbie." She tells him she has a free pass. He uses his powers to freeze them and tells them that the agency burned down his theater with him still in it and that she doesn't know what it's like to be hunted. He let's Claire and Sandra go free and leaves saying he's not the kind of person anymore who would kill or torture them.

Nathan questions Danko as to his whereabouts. Danko says he was cleaning up the mess Peter created. Nathan reminds Danko that there wouldn't have been a mess if he had released Parkman and Millbrook as he had ordered. Danko wonders out loud how many people knew Peter was on that rooftop. Nathan gets a call about Parkman being in front of the Capital building with a bomb strapped to his chest. Danko watches as Nathan walks through the door marked roof access.

Nathan arrives on the scene as swat teams surround Parkman. Nathan tells him to read his mind to find out if he can trust him. Parkman can't read minds at the moment because Danko drugged him. Danko is informed that Nathan is standing next to Parkman and tells his flunkies to "take them out." Rebel kicks the flunky out of the system right before the signal is sent to the bomb. Nathan tells Parkman to read the bomb experts minds in order to figure out how to disarm the bomb. One of them thinks it's weird that a suicide bomber would attach a dummy wire to his own bomb. Another one thinks about the black wire but Parkman has to dig deeper to understand if that means to pull it or not to pull it. As things get more intense and time runs out Nathan makes a decision and pulls the black wire then Parkman rips the entire trigger off the bomb and throws it away. After the threat of the bomb is neutralized Nathan punches Parkman in the jaw. Parkman drops to the floor, unconscious as agents move in.

Sylar arrives at his Father's trailer. His Dad was expecting a pick up of his taxidermy projects but gets a son with revenge on his mind instead. Sylar tells his Father he has questions about himself, where he came from but then he remembered that his Father abandoned him and killed his Mother. He tells his Dad it's time to kill him. His dad turns around and reveals he's on oxygen. He tells Sylar, "You kill me or the Cancer does, either way I'm dead." This gives Sylar cause for reflection.

Danko complains to Nathan that he blew the operation. Nathan says Parkman wasn't a threat until he strapped a bomb to his chest. They get into a heated debate over ethics as Danko says, "Parkman and your brother exposed our operation so I handled it." Nathan answers, "People could have died." Danko retorts, "People have died or don't my men count?" Ooooh. Burn. Nathan relieves Danko of his command, or tries to, but Danko reminds Nathan that only the President can fire him. As Nathan walks away and tells HRG that he's going to head a new team Danko plays video of Tracy screaming, "You're one of us Nathan! You're one of us!" Nathan asks what Danko's point is to this little stunt. Danko infers that the Petrelli family has a lot of skeletons in their closet and that they both know what Nathan's is. Nathan says that it looks like they're both building cases against one another and they'll jut have to wait and see who gets there first.

As Tracy is drugged, taken out of a truck and moved down a hallway she sees a monitor that suddenly has typing appear on it which reads: Help is coming, have hope. The next scene flashes to the present where Tracy sits in a cell, shackled to the floor and surrounded by heat lamps. Nathan comes to warn her that Danko is about to come in and interrogate her. Nathan tells her that he's been helping her all along, her and everyone else. He reminds her that he's still the same person who saved her when she jumped off the bridge awhile back. He tells her she doesn't have to like him but he is her last hope. This triggers her memory of the message from the monitor and even though she was drugged she chooses to believe both the message and Nathan. Danko comes in and asks if he can question his prisoner or if Nathan is protecting another one. Nathan tells him she's all his and leaves. Danko tries to get Tracy to tell him if Nathan has abilities. She says she doesn't know what he's talking about. Danko leaves her cell. What no water boarding?

Claire asks Sandra if she did the right thing by not helping Doyle. Sandra says that Doyle is a psychopath and that Rebel can't keep sending them to their doorstep. Claire says she wants to get a job at the comic book store where Adam was working so Rebel won't send any more people to their house.

Claire goes over to Sam's Comics to apply for a job. She has no retail experience but mentions that she was a cheerleader. Sam asks if she can work Wednesday because that's the day all the new comics come out. Then he asks her, "Flight or invisibility? Do you throw caution to the wind and fly off and save the day or do you take the more calculated approach and learn the whole picture before you act? Claire asks, "What's the answer?" He says there isn't one but that put simply it's just asking, "What type of hero are you?" She lowers her head in shame and mumbles, "I don't know." He says, "You're not gonna cry are you? They're just comic books" She tries to leave thinking she didn't get the job. He tells her that she's hired, that all the guys in the store have been staring at her since she walked in, that she'll definitely sell comic books and that all the other stuff, they'll work on. She's very pleased with herself.

Sylar decides to stick around and not kill his Father. He tells his Dad he's pathetic, he used to be a killer and now he's just waiting to die. His Dad asks him if he wanted some big epic battle between Father and son then he tells him that life never gives you what you want. He tells Sylar to help him catch a rabbit after he releases it from a cage. Instead Sylar's Dad whistles and freezes the rabbit, paralyzing it. Sylar points out that he has an ability. His Dad says he has lots of them and so does Sylar, that the apple didn't fall from the tree. This offends Sylar but his Father points out that Sylar is a killer and that he picks weak victims that don't put up much of a fight. Sylar asks if his Father is really trying to talk about morality with him. His Father says that morals have nothing to do with it, "fish gotta swim, bird's gotta fly, you gotta kill." Then he says that Sylar's victims didn't stand a chance against him and calls them "small game." Sylar tries to defend himself saying they had something he wanted and it wasn't his fault if his victims weren't strong enough to fight back. His Father tells Sylar that he's been running away from the agents instead of facing them. Sylar says he could "wipe them out with a thought." His Dad says, "But you haven't, why?" Sylar is stumped. His Dad tells him that the hunt is meaningless because there's no challenge in it. He says, "All the power in the world doesn't matter if you've lived an unsatisfied life." Then he says that Sylar knows that already and asks if he wants to know more or if he's going to kill him. Sylar takes the knife he's being offered and asks what he's supposed to do to the rabbit his Father is holding. His Dad says, "Cut him." Sylar rips into the rabbit with the knife brutally.

Danko wants answers about whether or not Nathan can fly. HRG tells him to go ask Angela Petrelli. Then he warns Angela that Danko will be coming to see her. She says she's prepared and after hanging up with HRG rubs an argyle sock against her face, very strange.

Claire calls HRG to ask his advice about leading a double life. She says she has to lead separate lives and she doesn't always know who to be. He asks her if she wants the answer that will make her feel better or does she want to the truth? She says she doesn't know. And as HRG watches agents bring a drugged and chained Parkman into custody he says, "Then my answer is neither do I." They hang up and Claire watches as the van containing the agents who were watching her suddenly take off down the street. The female agent corners Doyle with her gun drawn in an alley. Doyle turns and gives up. The agent tells him to put his hands up. He does what she asks and in so doing is able to freeze the agent and turn her into a puppet. He forces her to put her own gun to her head. Tears stream down her cheeks as she begs for her life. Instead of killing her he forces her to throw herself up against the wall of the alley and knock herself out. The male agent tells him to freeze then Claire swipes the agent's feet out from under him, sends him flying and as he lands he's knocked unconscious. Doyle is relieved and shocked to see Claire.

Danko confronts Angela while she's dining on raw oysters and champagne in a fine restaurant. She gives him a lesson in genetics saying that two blue-eyed parents can have a baby with brown eyes and that sometimes abilities skip a generation. Danko says he doesn't believe her. She explains that men of his kind are both useful and expendable. Then she reminds him of an incident which occurred in Angola back in 1997 where a large number of civilians were lost and that she was surprised he even survived at all. This takes the wind out of his sails as he sputters out, "You're a very resourceful woman Mrs. Petrelli." He leaves as she sucks down an oyster then smiles glibly reveling in her victory.

Sylar's Father says a man needs a hobby, something to occupy the hands, stop the mind from thinking so much. Sylar shares that he fixes watches; he thought it would make his Father happy. His real Dad asks how that worked out for him. Sylar sits quietly, not answering such an obvious question. He tells his son that the only thing people are good for is disappointment. Sylar asks if that's why he killed his Mother and abandoned him. His Father says he doesn't even remember, it doesn't matter anymore, "so few things do." His Dad tells him to cut the thread on the rabbit's taxidermy. Sylar cuts the thread with a knife and cuts his hand along with it. He shows his Father his healing ability then says, "I guess not everybody gets older, not everybody dies." To which his Father replies, "Then I guess you just have that much longer to suffer now don't ya?" Dear old Pops such a nice man. He coughs, turns on his oxygen and tells Sylar to put the rabbit on a shelf for him then he sends arrows into his son's shoulders pinning him against a wall. Sylar asks him what he thinks he's doing. His Father yells, "I want that power!" Sylar says, "You think this is going to stop me?" Then his Dad uses his whistling power to paralyze Sylar. Sylar asks his Father why he wants his power. He tells his son he wants immortality. Sylar says he thought his Father said it was all meaningless. He changed his mind, he wants to do it all over again, take real power, change everything just because he can. But just as he's about to slice open Sylar's head Sylar fights back sending his Father flying backward then he removes the arrows. His Dad is stunned to see his son moving. Sylar is disappointed to know even his own Father couldn't tell he was faking. He says he went there to get answers and to kill him but after seeing him he knows exactly what to do. He decides to leave his Father alive to suffer and die slowly because he's just, "small game." Sylar takes the taxidermy rabbit he made with his Father as he leaves.

Nathan presents the signed document to Danko telling him that the President has fired him as Danko is looking at a photo of Claire. Danko warns that if he loses him he loses his team. Nathan tells the room that if anyone wants to leave they should do so now, no one moves. Danko threatens Nathan saying, "You may have friends now Petrelli but one day you're going to find yourself all alone." After Danko leaves the room Nathan tells HRG that the President is eager to meet Danko's replacement. Nathan starts to walk out of the room then he stops, turns and asks HRG, "You comin'?" HRG is shocked and pleased that he is the replacement and will head the department. They walk down the hall together and wait for the elevator. Danko appears from the shadows, disgruntled. He pulls a gun on Nathan. HRG tells him to, "take it easy." Danko says, "I've seen what these people can do and it scares me. The thing is through all this, you've never shown one ounce of fear and I wonder, why is that?" Nathan tries to act casual and says, "I don't have time for this." Danko shoots the window behind Nathan then pushes him through it allowing him to fall. Nathan stops himself, mid-air, and then flies off into the night. Danko looks at HRG and says, "Tell me you didn't know about this."

Claire delivers all the documents Doyle needs for a new life. Doyle asks her if he earned her help because he spared the agents life. She says it's because of who she needs to be right now not about what he did. As Doyle leaves she asks him," Did you mean all that stuff you said about how you changed?" Doyle just smiles in a really creepy way and walks away.

Hiro and Ando arrive at the address on the fax they received in India. And in a scene right out of "The Incredibles" a babysitter comes out a says desperately, "I quit and it takes two hours for the service to send a replacement!" Hiro says, "Excuse me please. We're looking for Matt Parkman." Then she hands Hiro a baby and says, "He's a mess. Diaper's clean but that won't hold. Here take it. Take it." Hiro doesn't move, he just replies, "No thank you." She hands the baby to Hiro. Hiro says, "We are here to save Matt Parkman." The girl says, "Ahuh, you're holding him. Matt Parkman. Lot's of luck you're going to need it. And by the way this babysitting service bites." She leaves.

The end voice-over asks us how we deal with being children and whether or not we follow in our parent's footsteps. As the voice-over poetically lays out the theme of this weeks episode a montage unfolds in which Claire receives a text from Rebel telling her that her free pass is up and agents are coming for her, Danko comes home to his sad apartment and sees the taxidermy rabbit on his kitchen table. The camera pans over to reveal that Sylar is standing in his hallway, hiding and waiting for him. Agents bust into Claire's house, guns drawn, looking for her. They search her bedroom but she's gone. Just outside her room Nathan holds her, floating behind a tree, watching as agents search for Claire.

"Heroes" will return in two weeks with an episode that promises to be "as good as ever." A very strange thing to say considering this roller coaster of a season. This week's episode was on par with the quality and pacing of the first season. It was entertaining and gave insight into characters. It answered questions without dragging the plot to a halt and it created new questions without becoming clichéd or trite. It looks as if Tim Kring is taking his creation back into the territory we loved to begin with, and if this trend continues his baby could be saved along with Matt Parkman.

Heroes stars: Hayden Panettiere / Milo Ventimiglia / Ali Larter / Masi Oka / Zachary Quinto / James Kyson Lee / Greg Grunberg / Adrian Pasdar / more

Story by Erin MacMillan-Ramirez

Starpulse contributing writer