There's just no other way to describe this. Lil Kim celebrated her 34th birthday on Sunday and tried to look sexy but failed miserably. The make-up and poses make her look comical rather than seductive. Gross.

The R&B star celebrated her big day by creating a signature shake at Millions of Milkshakes - featuring bananas, raspberries and Nutella.

And by the looks of her backside, Kim's enjoyed about a million milkshakes, too.

You can also see on the signs behind Kim that MoM's shakes aren't your every day five dollar milkshake. Seriously, who pays $7 for a milkshake?

While Kim shows off her O-face over these shakes, we're showing our O-faces over them too - as in, "$7 for a milkshake? O my God that's absolutely ridiculous."

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