Tenacious D has become The Pick of Xbox. Beginning
December 1, Xbox Live members can download exclusive Tenacious D content from Xbox Live Marketplace to their Xbox 360 consoles, including free videos from their new album The Pick of Destiny. Fans can download their latest video “The Pick of Destiny” for free on Xbox Live Marketplace, and select Xbox Live Gold members will also have the opportunity to go head to head with the band during their 90-minute Xbox Live “Game with Fame” session.

Fans who are interested in gaming against Tenacious D should log onto http://www.tenaciousd.com/xbox to sign up.

Rightfully hailed as "the greatest band on Earth," the super-sized acoustic metal/comedy duo Tenacious D became one of the biggest cult bands of the late '90s and 2000s. But the sheer charisma, humor, and energy -- not to mention inspired songwriting -- of singers/guitarists/actors Jack Black and Kyle Gass (aka JB, Jables, KG, and Kage, among other aliases) took them from L.A.'s underground comedy scene to their own series on HBO and a major-label album deal. The feature film, “Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny,” (New Line Cinema) is in theaters now.

The Xbox Live “Artist of the Month” program gives Xbox Live members the unique opportunity to access free exclusive entertainment content in high definition on their Xbox 360 from some of today’s hottest stars. As part of the year long agreement with Epic Records, each month a new artist is showcased on Xbox Live, where you can download their videos as well as get a chance to go online and chat and play against them in their favorite game. Previous Xbox Live “Artists of the Month” include Incubus, Augustana, Jessica Simpson, Audioslave, Cartel, Matisyahu, The Fray and Natasha Bedingfield. For further information on the program, visit http://www.xbox.com/artist.