The Glades is a perfect summer series. Set in Florida, and imbued with Latin music and flair, each episode reminds you that the summer is here to be enjoyed.

Jim Longworth is a homicide cop who moved from Chicago to Florida to get away from big city tensions, enjoy the sun, and play a lot of golf. Unfortunately, people just keep turning up dead. How’s a guy to ever break par?

When he met Callie Cargill, a single mother of one son, Jeff, he had no idea their romance would be complicated by a devoted husband in prison. Things get even more complicated, as husband Ray is about to be released.

In Little Havana, the body of Olivia Garcia, daughter of notorious, presumed dead, Cuban mobster, Miguel Garcia, is found in an alley. Niece of Eduardo Garcia, current mob boss, Olivia had been clerking for a judge in Manhattan. So how did she end up dead in Florida? ME Carlos Sanchez brings Jim up to date on Garcia’s main mob rival, Alvaro Saldivar. It is believed that Saldivar killed Miguel Garcia 10 years earlier, but the body was never found. Eduardo took over the Family business, but there’s been bitterness between the two rival mob families since then.  

It seems that Olivia had been visiting Florida every weekend for the last year, but staying in an apartment far from the family, without their knowledge. When Jim and Detective Colleen Manus visit the apartment, they encounter Tim Ballard, of the Organized Crime Unit. He’s claiming the hit as his. All they find is a romantic table setting for two, and a bed covered in rose petals. Colleen says there’s no indication it was a mob hit, and she wants Ballard’s file on Olivia. Since Garcia has said he’d cooperate, Jim decides he’ll start there.

Although Garcia’s flunky, Rafael, tries to stop him, Jim probes Garcia for information, as Garcia plays with Olivia’s charm bracelet. Olivia lived with Garcia after the brother’s death, protected from ‘family’ business, and sent to a Connecticut boarding school. When the Saldivar family attempt to deliver flowers, a fist fight breaks out, and Garcia breaks it up. Garcia tells Jim that Olivia’s death is not police business, and then says Jim has three days to bring the killer to justice.

The ME has discovered two distinct skull injuries in Olivia’s post-mortem; although one is from a bullet, the other is not, and may have caused death. Assistant Daniel has found a record of nine local calls on Olivia’s phone records, to an untraceable cell phone, and when they find her cell, the name attached to the number is ‘Caro.’ They’ve also discovered that Olivia did pro bono work for a local lawyer’s walk in clinic. He says she did amazing work – everyone loved her. She also had a local boyfriend, whose identity she kept secret. And she was obsessed with finding out what happened to her father, to the extent of approaching the Saldivar family for information.

Jim and Carlos head to the decidedly unsociable Saldivar Social Club to confront Alvaro. Carlos intervenes, speaking Spanish to Alvaro, when it looks like Jim may not leave the club in one piece. Later, Jim finds Alvaro waiting for him in his home. Alvaro denies killing either Olivia or Miguel, but admits he did speak to Olivia the night of her death, when she drunkenly confronted him about where her father was buried. Alvaro claims he last saw Miguel the night he disappeared, when they spoke about uniting the two crime families. Miguel left to buy a charm for Olivia’s bracelet, and was never seen again. Alvaro sent Olivia to question her uncle Eduardo. He warns Jim that he doesn’t want a war, as it’s bad for business, but will avenge any killing of his family.

Jeff is surprised to find dad Ray waiting for him at their home. Ray’s just visiting, since he’ll be in a half- way house for the next three months. Ray wants those three months to be a time that he and Callie reconnect, along with son Jeff. If she’s still adamant about wanting a divorce then, he’ll agree.   The next day, Callie brings Jim up to speed on her decision to wait three months before filing. He is not happy with her plan.

Ballard is angry with Jim confronting Alvaro the previous day, since the visit prompted a bug sweep that took out the Department’s carefully planted ‘ears.’  Ballard claims that Saldivar is playing Jim, by feeding him false information. But Jim thinks that Ballard would be happy with a mob war, since it would finally close the case on Miguel’s ten year old murder.

Jim revisits Eduardo, telling him about the calls to ‘Caro,’ and the possibility that Olivia was seeing someone that Eduardo would not approve of – a Saldivar maybe? Eduardo is furious that Jim is implying he murdered his own brother. Just as Eduardo is about to talk, Jim discovers that his badge has been bugged. He drowns the device, then leaves before Eduardo can incriminate himself.

The security camera from Olivia’s New York co-op shows Ballard visiting Olivia two weeks before. Carlos remembers that Ballard worked in Mexico for years, and was known as a real cowboy. That’s it! He says, ‘Caro’ is short for ‘vaquero,’ or cowboy.

At home, Callie finds Jeff doing his homework, since he and his dad are planning to play video games later. As Jim calls Callie to apologize for his earlier behaviour, he discovers that his car door is locked. Immediately suspicious, he moves to cover, and is unsurprised when using the remote to unlock the car results in the car blowing up.

Manus brings Ballard in for the bombing, citing his bugging of Jim’s badge, and the stalking of Olivia, as evidence of his guilt. Ballard admits he tried to use Olivia to get to Eduardo. Jim confronts Ballard with the receiving end of the planted bug. Ballard says it wasn’t Garcia who planted the bomb, it was Saldivar. He claims he couldn’t be bothered to kill Jim, it’s the mobsters he wants. Jim uses force to get Ballard’s files and info on both the Garcias and Saldivars. Ballard hands over a flash drive that Jim gives to Daniel to read.

The flash drive shows a $100,000.00 wire transfer to the lawyer of the walk-in clinic Olivia worked for, from the Bahamas. Jim thinks it was money from the Saldivars. Jim confronts Alvaro, his theory being that the money was sent to the clinic so that the lawyer would keep track of Olivia’s progress on Miguel’s death. Alvaro says the money was sent to keep the clinic open, helping other Cubanos not as fortunate as himself. He knew Olivia had a lover, but he doesn’t know who it was.

Searching Olivia’s childhood bedroom, they find a worn baseball cap. Carlos finds hidden notes that he calls ‘girl numerology,’ like his own teenage daughter uses. It’s a system to add up the vowels of your boyfriend’s name. If the total has three matching numbers, it’s a good match. They hope to find the name of the boyfriend. They suddenly realize that Eduardo is giving them unprecedented access to the room, on this, the night before Olivia’s funeral when final arrangements are being made. Racing to the Saldivar Social Club, they narrowly prevent a group of Eduardo and his flunkies, led by Rafael, from storming the Club. Angry that Eduardo jumped the gun, Jim arrests him in connection with the murder of his niece. Alvaro, in the window of his club, looks on impassively.

At the Police Station, Jim tells Eduardo he thinks Olivia was planning a wedding to her longtime boyfriend, who actually worked for the Garcias, someone he’d never expect. The boyfriend would have hidden the ten year affair from Olivia’s father as well, and may have murdered both Miguel and Olivia. Eduardo writes down the name of the man he thinks may have been the boyfriend – Rafael.

Jim confronts Rafael, saying that the romance between 15 year old Olivia and 20 year old Rafael had caused Miguel to threaten Rafael with death if he ever found them together again. Rafael denies everything, and says they’ll never be able to prove it in court. Jim agrees, but says there’s a harder jury to face – Uncle Eduardo. He knows that Rafael set up a mob war when he accused the Saldivars of killing Miguel, even bombing two Saldivar vehicles to prove his loyalty, just as he bombed Jim’s car. Rafael caves, admitting that pressure from Olivia to ask Eduardo for permission to marry scared him, and he stood Olivia up. Her conversation with Alvaro finally caused her to figure out that it was Rafael, not the Saldivars, that killed her father. They argued, but her death was an accident that he covered up with the gun shot. And her nickname for Rafael, ‘Caro,’ was from his first note to her ten years before, when he misspelled ‘Te Quiero,’ ‘I love you.’

In exchange for protection, Rafael reveals Miguel’s grave, where they find the charm he’d bought that night for Olivia. Eduardo finds peace in finally knowing his brother’s fate. But there’s no peace for Jim, who’s informed by Manus that he’s under investigation for having an inappropriate relationship with the wife of a cooperating witness. He’s to stay away from Callie, indefinitely.

Which leaves Ray full access to Callie and Jeff, without interference from Jim. As he ignores her calls, Jim plays the ‘girl numerology’ game, and discovers that his and Callie’s names add up to a perfect match.