In Chicago, Detective Samantha Harper finds the bodies of several women with blacked out eyes in a house rented by ‘Bob Wilson.’ The only clue to his identity and whereabouts is a telephone message from a resort in Florida offering him free, trial accommodations.

In Florida, Jim’s trying to relax in the sun as his new pool cleaner talks about taking over the business from his cousin. Jim has an awkward phone conversation with Callie, and then is surprised by Detective Samantha, who has followed the North Side Killer’s trail to Florida. Jim and Samantha worked together on his case before Jim moved to Florida. They head to the resort the killer was booked into, but are told by an employee that the Killer has cannily avoided giving or receiving any information that could lead to his identification.

Jim’s team goes into overdrive in an attempt to profile and capture the killer, however, they have very little to go on. There have been no sexual attacks, so no DNA to analyse. He likes white females, aged 25-32, with dirty blonde hair. Hmm, sounds a lot like Callie’s description … Captain Manus tells the team that unless and until they find some concrete evidence linking this killer to this jurisdiction, they have their own Floridian murders to worry about.

Callie and Jeff are surprised when Ray drives up in a tow truck rig. He says he’s bought it from a buddy who couldn’t keep up the payments. Ray figures he can set up his own business with the truck. He casually mentions that he had to dip into the joint bank account to make the first payment, and fill up on gas. She’s not upset until she tries to get cash from an ATM, and discovers he’s cleaned out all her money. Later, Manus approaches Callie about taking a job as a forensic nurse with the FDLE.

Jim finds himself getting reabsorbed into the Killer’s case. He also learns that Samantha, who had been engaged, didn’t go through with the wedding. Their conversation is interrupted with the news that a staff member from the resort has gone missing. They find Ashley Whitfield’s strangled body in her home, and her car missing. The victim fits the profile, but the tobacco ash usually found with the body is missing. Manus accepts this evidence and puts Samantha under Jim’s badge.

Samantha explains her theory that the killer always kills two women within the same time period. Heading back to the resort, they talk to the same male employee, who says he didn’t know the slain woman well – she taught water aerobics classes at the resort and other places. Jim notices the man remove Nicorette gum from his mouth – he’s trying to quit smoking.

When Jim calls Daniel at the station for help, Samantha takes the phone, and takes over the orders. At the station, Daniel has discovered that one of their suspects, a Tommy Ray Haynes from Chicago, was released from prison two months before. He never showed up to meet his parole officer, and he has a cousin in Florida. While Jim and Samantha stake out the cousin’s bar, they discuss their romantic past together. It seems sun and fun weren’t the only reasons Jim left Chicago – Samantha’s engagement broke Jim’s heart. Their conversation is interrupted when the suspect turns up. Tommy Ray chooses to run rather than talk to them. They pursue, but Tommy Ray gets away.  

Ashley Whitfield’s car is found, with nicotine gum in the dash. They pick up the resort worker, now identified as Jared Nolan, Tommy Ray’s cousin, and bring him in for questioning. Between evidence that Jared’s been back and forth to Chicago, and a stash of stolen credit cards, they can arrest him on a possible murder charge, and certainly for fraud. Jared confesses he hooked up with Ashley in order to steal her password to the personal information on the residents of a senior’s village, ‘Sawgrass Village,’ where her grandmother lived, and where she volunteered.

Callie has an interview at the FDLE station, and meets Samantha, who makes it clear she’s interested in Jim.  Callie is upset that Jim never mentioned Samantha, but he dismisses the relationship, saying that Sam lives in Chicago, he lives in Florida, and as soon as the case is wrapped up, Sam will be going back to Chicago. Callie doesn’t seem relieved at his words. Back home, Ray and Jeff are making three cheese lasagne for dinner. She tells Ray that she’s pleased he’s put money back into the joint account ahead of schedule. She can’t join them for dinner, as she’s picked up an extra shift.

At Sawgrass, Jim discovers a car with an out of state license plate, and in the room of Doris Fowler, deceased former Chicagoan, he finds a picture of Ashley with her eyes blacked out. Carlos also discovers a white, powdery substance on the floor, which seems to be flour. The room is a shrine to Mrs. Fowler’s devotion to foundations and charities for the blind. Jim and Sam learn that Doris Fowler died alone, surrounded by the evidence of her good works, but without her son by her side. They conclude that Kevin Fowler, unloved and unappreciated, began killing women to strike back at his mother, blackening their eyes to represent his mother’s blindness to his own needs.

But who’s Kevin Fowler? Tommy Ray Haynes’ files show that he lived in a succession of foster homes. And Doris Fowler had fostered several children over the years. All they need to do is get Haynes’ juvenile records unsealed – which could take quite a while. As Jim and Sam try to put together a victimology pattern to see who might be the next victim, they see his choices have always been nurturing women; three stay at home moms, two teachers, and even a stripper, who performed as nurse Florence Nightingale. Jim realizes that while he and Sam have been watching the killer, the killer’s been watching them. Callie’s in danger, and she’s not picking up her phone.

Daniel discovers a report of a missing car, with GPS, that is currently parked at the hospital where Callie works. Sure enough, Callie’s giving an injection to Tommy Ray for the dog bite he received while eluding Jim and Sam. At the hospital, Jim frightens Tommy Ray into running, and this time, he catches him. Callie’s fine, as the killer bolted before he had a chance to hurt her. Jim hugs Callie repeatedly, glad she’s alive. Manus interrupts their reunion to tell them that Tommy Ray is in custody. The long pursuit is over. Jim and Samantha should celebrate.

As Jim drives back to his home, where he and Samantha will relax over a seafood barbeque, Carlos calls, to congratulate Jim on a job well done. He offers to take Jim and Sam out for a drink, but they just want to chill out before her flight back to Chicago. Carlos adds that the white substance they found at Mrs. Fowler’s was diatomaceous earth – mainly used in pool filters. Jim realizes that Sam is in danger and races to his house. Sam is surprised by the pool cleaner as she emerges from the pool. Jim arrives in time to save Sam by shooting Kevin Fowler as he attempts to strangle her. NOW the case is wrapped up.

Or is it? Samantha explains that she’ll be in Florida for a while as she debriefs subjects, and begins the extradition process on Fowler. She wonders if that’s a problem for Jim. He says it won’t be, uncertainly, while miles away, Callie prepares to dig in to leftover three cheese lasagne.  

Guest Stars:  Natalie Cigliuti as Detective Samantha Harper, Owen Harn as Tommy Ray Haynes, and Micah A. Hauptman as Kevin Fowler.