For some young adults, dreams may be all they have to live for, especially when living in the inner-city. Tournament Of Dreams is a touching American journey that follows six young ladies on the Woodlyn High School Lady Cavaliers Basketball Team as they strive to achieve their dreams, while facing the adversities of life head-on.

When the school's principal (Debbie Allen; A Different World, Fame, Everybody Hates Chris) is faced with the threat of having their basketball program canceled, the team and faculty members must go beyond a dream and search for a miracle to save their program.

After careful convincing and persuasion by his prodigy daughter, a former basketball star (Tony Todd; Candyman, Sleepwalk, The Crow) comes in as a new coach to take the team to new heights, not only on the court, but also in their personal lives. He guides the "Lady Cavs" to a winning season, but not before forcing them to bounce back from various adversities - peer pressure, grades, dating, sex, inter-racial relations, divorce and loss.

Tournament of Dreams is a dramatic and uplifting coming-of-age story. It portrays the unique struggles a group of young female athletes, their coach, and mentors face to save their high school’s basketball program. The film also stars rapper The Game (born Jayceon Taylor) and Olympic legend Carl Lewis.