Exciting, heart-wrenching, and mouth-dropping cliffhangers dominated The Fosters' summer season finale. The Fosters season 2 episode 10, "Someone's Little Sister" revolved around opening a door to another path for Callie. She took one step back from becoming a member of the Fosters family, and one step closer to joining the Quinn household.

My Two Families

Callie visits Rita at her apartment; she sees that Rita is not in great shape. She is on the brink of giving up hope for reestablishing Girls United. At work, Daphne suggests that Callie ask Robert for help with Girls United. Suddenly Robert appears to give her some news. He reveals that he signed the Abandonment Papers and agrees to host a fundraiser for Girls United on Saturday.

Much later, Callie comes over to the Quinns’ house to plan for the fundraiser. Sophia suggests that Callie spend the night there, instead of coming back the next morning to help setup. At the sleepover, the Quinn sisters continue to bond. Earlier, Robert asks Callie how he should introduce her to his friends. She says to just say that she's a friend. This upsets both Robert (though he covers it up) and Sophia, but they respect her wishes.

Someone's Little Sister prepares to play at the fundraiser. The band's practice continues to become tense as Lou and Brandon's relationship becomes more toxic for it. Mat reveals to Brandon that Lou has dated guys in their band before and it usually leads to chaos. Brandon confronts Lou about it; she reveals that those guys had the problems in those relationships. Then they kiss. During their performance, Brandon and Lou seem blissfully into their new romance.

Rita and Callie start talking about Robert and the Fosters. Rita tells Callie that it's okay to accept the Quinns into her life and still get adopted. She tells Callie that Robert really loves her and wants to be her father. After listening to Rita, Callie thanks Robert for his help and announces that he is her father. The Quinn family are generally moved by Callie's gesture. Later Sophia reveals that she tore up the Abandonment Papers without Robert's knowledge. She wants Callie to live with them. This news upsets Callie, but she just asks Robert to re-sign them. He admits that signing them the first time was too hard, and he doesn't want to do it again. Callie tells him she hates him and calls Sophia a brat.

Sophia is really upset by Callie’s reaction and goes in the bathroom to do something...the show leaves a question mark on what she could be doing.

Brandon happens to see an upset Callie storm out of the fundraiser. He follows her. She reveals that Sophia destroyed the paperwork for her adoption. He comforts her and they kiss.

Where Are Your Principles?

Jude believes Connor's father might be beating him. So he tells Lena. Lena and the new Principal, Monte Porter, confront Connor's father about Jude's accusations. He says that he only spanked his son as punishment for disobeying the rules. Connor broke the rules by sharing a tent with Jude. Lena defends Jude and calls Connor's dad a bully. Lena now wants to file a report against him for bullying, but Monte disagrees with her suggestion. So Lena quits her job.

At the fundraiser, Jude overhears Mike and Stef talking about Lena quitting her job. Then Jude tells her not to quit it over him. He admits that he did something wrong while camping with Connor. We won't learn what they did until the next half of the season.


Mariana catches Jesus with his Hayley tattoo exposed. She then blackmails him to get him to agree to meet Ana with her. Ana apologizes for all the bad things she did to them. Mariana then tells her she doesn't care because she means nothing to her anymore. Jesus tries to comfort Ana, but she tells him not to do it. She says it's not his job and he needs to stop trying to take care of people. Later, this makes him question how easily he drops everything for Hayley.

Mariana also dyes her hair back to black.