The Fosters season 2 episode 9, 'Leaky Faucet', dealt with fixing the cracks in the Fosters' lives. Some of the damage that plagued the family this week was Callie's inability to trust herself, Brandon's need to forgive Mike and himself, and Mariana letting go of her hatred for Ana. Their messy lives weren't easily repaired, but they took steps toward recovery.

The Road to Recovery

As they help each other fight their addictions, Ana and Mike's bonding continues. Mike tells Ana how he regrets his mistakes with Dani and Brandon. Ana shares that she doesn't think she can amend what she did to Mariana and Jesus. They talk about the letter she sent Stef and Lena about making amends with the twins.

Lena and Jude are still gone on their nature outing. Meanwhile, all the teens are out on dates.

While everyone is out for the day, Stef preoccupies herself with fixing a leaky faucet. She believes at first that she fixed it, but later her efforts just make the problem worse. While trying to clean up the mess, she finds Frankie's blanket. This immediately causes her to break down. Seconds later Lena calls, and Stef admits she misses Frankie.

Double Date Trouble

Mat takes Mariana to a Mexican culture festival, which she believes he does to force her to embrace her heritage. Later, Mariana runs into Ana and Mike. Ana reveals that she's been sober for 60 days. She also tells her that she wants to see Jesus and her.

Mariana leaves her without really speaking. Then Mat asks Mariana about Ana, and they bond more over their parent's neglect. After returning home, Mariana questions Stef about Ana's letter. Stef confirms that Ana sent a letter, and Mariana tells her that she wants to see Ana.

Jesus plans a terrible date for Hayley. She then yells at him about it, but he pretends he planned to take her to the Mexican culture festival. Later, she hears Brandon say that he told Jesus about it this morning, which further angers her. To repair this damage, Jesus agrees to tattoo her name on his body.

Double Date Trouble Part 2

Lou and Brandon are supposed to hang out, but he brings Callie. Callie then ditches them to hang with Wyatt. Earlier in the episode, Callie discusses her panic attacks with her counselor. She says that maybe Callie's panic attacks are about her not trusting her own judgment, and not about her fearing of Wyatt. The date acts as Callie's efforts to try to trust Wyatt and herself.

Lou continues to show interest in a romance with Brandon. He ends up rejecting her advance by saying he's not in a good place right now to start a relationship.

Wyatt spots Liam at the festival. He then follows him, which he reveals to Brandon. Wyatt tells Liam to leave, but he refuses. Then they start talking about Callie, and Liam claims he never raped her. Wyatt punches Liam. Brandon tries to stop the fight and gets hit; then he gets involved too. Security comes and stops it, and asks Liam if he wants to call the cops. He sees Callie and says no.

Callie confronts Wyatt about fighting Liam. She says that she trusted him to be there for her, and fighting people isn't doing that. Then she walks away.

Stef and Callie have a heart-to-heart, where Stef reassures her that it's alright to breakdown and not be so strong all the time.