The Fosters' "Mother" episode punched viewers with a big emotional hit. We said goodbye to another beloved member of the Fosters family. The hour also addressed some other impactful subjects, like Callie's rape, Jude's Selective Mutism, and Mike's addiction. This episode of The Fosters did offer some light-hearted storylines to balance the sadness, like Mariana and Jesus trying to sell the infamous bed, bought by Stef's mother, Sharon.


The Adams-Fosters hoped that Lena's pregnancy would go smoothly, but some complications put her temporarily on bed rest. Meanwhile, the moms agreed to pay Jesus 10 percent of whatever he earned from selling their bed. The task isn't as easy as he hoped. He even needs to enlist Mariana, who is still mad at him for the Hayley and Emma situation, to help. They agree to split the commission 60-40. Their joint efforts prove problematic, because Stef ends up selling the bed for half of Jesus' goal price.

Dangerous Dani

Mike and Dani decide to visit Lena while she's on bed rest. Lena feels uneasy the entire time, and considers telling Stef and Mike about Brandon and Dani. Mike also reveals to her that he wants to have a child with Dani. Later, Lena confesses to Stef that Brandon got high and called her, but she leaves out his Dani confession.


While alone with Stef, Lena reveals that she wants to name the baby after Stef's father, Frank. She wants to name her Francesca and call her Frankie for short.

The next day during a check-up, Lena learns her pregnancy has some complications. So she must choose to deliver the baby now, which guarantees it won't survive, or continue to carry it and risk her life. After an intense heart-to-heart with her mother, Dana, she decides to deliver Frankie to save her life. Therefore, she loses the baby.

Later while recovering in the hospital, a young girl named Leila enters her room. The little girl tells Lena about her talking stuffed unicorn. Then Leila's mother comes in to take her away, but she stops and gives Lena the unicorn. While Leila leaves, Lena asks for its name. She responds by saying, "Frankie."