"Truth Be Told" things keep getting harder for The Fosters in its second season. Callie and Brandon both faced their past sexual demons. Meanwhile, Jesus' love triangle sucked Mariana into the middle of it. Jude's silence continued to hurt those that love him the most. By the end of this episode of The Fosters, one major mystery finally got resolved: Did Mike kill Ana?

What About Jude

Lena reveals to the Adams-Fosters children that Jude has Selective Mutism. Several characters try to get to the root of it. Connor visits Lena in the Principal's office, where he tells her what happened between his dad and Jude. He believes he's responsible for Jude's mutism, but she reassures him that it's not his fault. Later, Lena tells Jude to never be afraid to talk to his moms. Because they love him, they will accept anything he tells them.

Sophia visits Callie at the Fosters and gives her a present. At school, Callie reveals to Wyatt that she cannot see her sister again to protect Jude. Wyatt suggests that maybe the reason Jude isn't speaking has nothing to do with Sophia, but him taking control of his life.

The Next Step

Callie decides to have sex with Wyatt. However, she freaks out when they get close to it. This forces her to emotionally distance herself from him. She tells Daphne what happened between Wyatt and her; she also reveals how she thinks it might be because she still loves Brandon. Daphne advises her to not give up on Wyatt. Later, she sees a guy and thinks he's Liam. It's not him, but it still causes her a panic attack. At the end of the episode, she tells Jude she thought she saw Liam, which he automatically understands the emotional anguish that had on his sister.

A Major Trip

Brandon hangs out with his band. They pressure him to eat a pot brownie. Brandon gets really anxious after it, and even calls Lena to help him get home. They talk and he confesses he slept with Dani. He begs Lena to not tell Mike or Stef.

Murder She Wrote Wrong

Stef's suspicion about Mike's involvement in Ana's disappearance grows. Dani places more doubt in Stef's mind when she mentions his long hours of work not making sense. Stef finally decides to follow Mike. He goes to a motel. Stef knocks on the door to it; Ana answers it.

My Brother's Ex-Girlfriend

Emma wants to get back together with Jesus. He considers it until Hayley pressures him into making their relationship official. He then confesses to her that Emma wants to reunite. So he wants to keep Hayley and him a secret for a while.

Hayley then manipulates Mariana into telling Emma about her relationship with Jesus. Later the twins confront each other about the whole love triangle.

Lethal Liam

The Wyatt and Callie storyline seems like a perfect setup for the return of Liam. Callie will finally, hopefully, get a resolution-of sorts-about the rape. Besides Callie's storyline, the entire episode set up a lot of storylines for their final resolutions. Now that Lena knows about Dani and Brandon, it's just a matter of time until she tells Mike and Stef. And of course the main resolutions come in the form of what happened between Mike and Ana, and why she's been missing.