On The Fosters season 2 episode 2,"Take Me Out," the Adams-Fosters children explored the fun side of sibling bonding. As a result of their night out, Brandon found himself attracted to a new girl and project. However, things weren't great for everyone. Emma and Jesus' relationship fizzled. Stef became a repeat offender by leaving Lena out of the conversation about Brandon's future. Also, Jude came face to face with homophobia in the form of Connor's dad.

Brandon and Someone's Little Sister

Stef and Brandon share a mother-son moment that encourages him to not give up on his pianist dreams. He decides to get surgery to-possibly-restore his hand to full function. Stef immediately expresses concern about the possible damage if the surgery fails. She later talks to Mike about it. Without consulting Lena, they decide Brandon can't get the surgery.

To cheer Brandon up, Callie, Jesus, Emma, and Mariana trick him into attending a concert with them. The band, Someone's Little Sister, is fronted by Lucy "Lou," who captures Brandon's attention immediately. Jasper and Matt finish out the band's trio. Because they took classes together in the 7th grade, Matt's familiar with Brandon's musical background. He asks him for honest input on the band. Lou instantly gets confrontational with Brandon when she hears his feedback.

Later, Brandon listens to more of Someone's Little Sister's music on his computer, and then he starts to add his own keyboard sounds to it.

Bossy Pants

Jesus and Emma's relationship hits another major issue. Everyone notices how Emma runs the relationship with little help from Jesus. This bothers him. The final straw for Jesus is when Emma gets aggressive about how she wants their first sexual encounter. She wants it in the backseat of her car while giving him instructions. He declines. Later, Jesus opens up to Emma about her being so bossy with their relationship. Emma decides to break it off instead of listening to criticism.

The Saga Continues

Lena officially decides to try to become the new Principal of Anchor Beach. Timothy adds stress to this by being on the board to elect a new Principal. In the Adams-Fosters household, Lena feels excluded from the conversation about Brandon's life. Eventually, Stef and Lena discuss Stef consulting Mike and not Lena about Brandon's surgery. After their talk, as a unit, they approach Brandon about letting him make the decision to get the surgery on his hand or not. He decides to wait to get it.

Express Yourself

Connor's dad is introduced in this episode of The Fosters. All three boys go to the batting cages together, where Connor's dad aggressive nature towards Connor shows. After witnessing a moment of comfort between the boys, Connor's dad bans Connor from sleeping over at Jude's house. He thinks Jude is gay. Later Jude asks Connor if things would change between them if Jude is gay. Connor doesn't answer.

Sophia's Letter

Robert continues to secretly visit Callie at work. Then Lena and Stef inform Callie that he requested a DNA test and her signature on some papers about not suing him for money. Callie acts nonchalant about the situation. During the court appointed meeting between Callie and Robert, he doesn't show up. She then searches for more information on him. At the restaurant where Callie works, Robert is there, and she confronts him about being her dad. He tells her he knew nothing about her existence and gives her a letter. Back at home she reads the letter from her sister Sophia, who wants to meet Callie.

Chapter 2

For Jude and Lena this was an especially important episode. Both characters faced recurring issues, while most of the other characters tackled new ones. Through Jude and Lena, we see that the Fosters' problems don't get resolved with one conversation. Often family shows address issues once and then never again. On The Fosters issues aren't nicely solved and shipped off, but on-going and evolving.

Additionally, "Take Me Out" opened new chapters for most of the characters. The Fosters season 2 premiere explored the characters’ problems from season 1 further, but this one was an awakening for many of them. We see this with Brandon's new music project, Callie's new family, and Lena's new job. It's a new beginning for the Fosters.