If you can only see one movie this year (which I say would mean there's something really wrong with you) then this category should determine it. It combines all of the above to create the closest to perfect movie experience you can find.

Our nominees are:
1. "Enchanted:" This film preformed above and beyond any expectations and elevated itself to Disney Classic among some real elite company. The actors are perfect, the music is really great, and the storyline is refreshing. The really good news? Parents and boyfriends can watch along without wanting to die.

2. "Sweeney Todd:" Unlike its counterpart of the season, "Hairspray" (which wasn't bad) "Sweeny Todd" brought something new to this bloody tale. The design, editing, acting and composition are above and beyond what is required to achieve some real artistic integrity. This musical is even better than past Oscar winner "Chicago," which pioneered a return to musical movies.

3. "Planet Terror"- Featured as part one of "Grindhouse," the double feature by director Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, "Planet Terror" is one of the most overlooked movies ever made. The problem is, Rodriguez does such a good job of recreating and improving upon everything that made old school B flick horror films both terrible and hysterical, that you don't quite realize how good "Terror" really is. That is, until Tarantino's part two comes after, and you're left scratching your head wondering what happened to an hour and a half of your life. "Planet Terror" is gratuitously violent, which turns many away, but it is skillfully done and so abundantly horrific and side splitting that you are desensitized within minutes. The rest of the time you can enjoy the pure loving satire of the old low budget zombie movies it admires.

4. "Superbad:" Although it would make a pimp blush, Superbad is so good that even a mother would love it; once she gets past all the sex, booze, dirty cops and drug jokes. If it's a movie you could see yourself watching twenty times and loving more and more after each one, then it just may be one of the best to come around this year.

But the Forgot-scer goes to:

"Death at a Funeral"

This is a movie that was not only forgotten, but really wasn't noticed in the first place. If you've ever had the opportunity to check out my previous gushing over "Death at a Funeral," then you wont be surprised that it still holds first place in my heart. Maybe it's the way that it laughs in the face of the grim reaper, or maybe it's the subtle way that it handles every tough, biting emotion in the gamut a human is capable of running. For whatever reason, director Frank Oz (formerly known as Grover and Fozzie-Bear) finds a way to get dramatic without getting melodramatic, and get embarrassing without getting unbearable. This movie is subtle when it needs to be, and obnoxious when it wants to be, and it pulls it all off with comedic grace. Refuse to forget about a movie that everyone is content to let slip away. Special work deserves a forgetful nod.

Story by James Fagan contributing writer

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