The Film Independent Spirit Awards ceremony is tonight and for those that don't know much about it's history, it first started in 1984. It always takes place in a tent and is dedicated to the independent filmmakers of the world. It wasn't always held the day before the Oscars but now that tradition seems set in stone. The atmosphere is much more casual and relaxed than the Academy Award gala - some might say a bit crazy at times. Many of Hollywood's elite attend the event and sometimes things get a little out of hand.

The Film Independent Spirit Awards is truly a one-of-kind ceremony….where else during the Hollywood awards season do you see Sarah Silverman sharing with George Clooney that her vagina smells like ocean dew, Mickey Rourke pleading for Eric Roberts to get a job or Ben Stiller being accompanied onstage with porn stars simulating sex?

Check out this video of some outrageous Spirit Awards moments

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