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Happy Birthday: Motown turns 50! - The Root

It looks like Jonah Hill ate Seth Rogen - Pop On The Pop

Orlando Bloom's latest role is playing that 22-year-old high school dropout who works as a clerk at your local gas station/convenience store - Celebitchy

Best Segway Face-Plant EVAR:

Bijou Phillips is the new loudmouth of scientology - SheKnows

Emma Watson is still tyring to make you think she can do things other than be Hermione Granger - OceanUP

Is there anything Google Earth can't do? - Geekologie

Kristen Sewart is going to play Joan Jett in a Runaways biopic:

'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' if it was gangsta (Adult Language) - College Humor

If children's books were written for adults - Holy Taco

Best Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson cartoon you'll see all day - IDLYITW

Bart Simpson wants you to be a scientologist:

Bart Simpson wants you to be a scientologist - Evil Beet

Gene Simmons and Carrot Top's bromance - Seriously? OMG

Paris Hilton claims she's just pretending to be dumb. She also looks very, VERY cold in these pics. Like borderline NSFW cold - Superficial

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