On February 19th, Brooklyn's The Epochs will release their self-titled debut LP through The Rebel Group.

For brothers Ryan & Hays Holladay, the craft of songwriting has always been closely linked with the recording process. Along with drummer Kotchy and bassist Kevin Smith, The Epochs (pronounced "ee-poks") have created a sprawling record that cuts no corners in production quality or arrangement.

From the bombastic electronics on "Opposite Sides", to the seething orchestration and manipulated guitar of "Mouths To Feed", to the playful rhythms of "Giving Tree", The Epochs never stops in one place long enough to be pigeonholed.

It's the diversity of The Epochs that turned heads when they took the stage with Girl Talk at SXSW and has allowed them to share the stage with artists ranging from The Walkmen and Tokyo Police Club to Lady Sovereign and Spank Rock. Stay tuned for winter tour dates with Mobius Band. All of our New York friends can catch The Epochs at the Mercury Lounge on February 12th.

-Listen To "Opposite Sides"
-Watch The Video For "Love Complete"