Every year you wait with bated breath to see the new television show line up. You eagerly scan the list. "Hey, wait a minute. My show is not on the list," you may think with a sense of panic. Then, as the cloud of evil forebodings rises in your mind, you go online to see if you can get other information. Sure enough, they have CANCELED your show. The Television-Programming-Powers-That-Be have snatched your show off the line up without warning, apology, and even worse, NO CONCLUSION TO LONG-RUNNING STORY LINES!

That's just wrong. That's a slap in the face to the faithful. It makes you not even want to get attached to TV shows. They could at least give loyal viewers a two-hour finale movie and tie up all those loose ends. In these days of continuing threads, it's not right to end shows abruptly or with a cliffhanger. Producers know they're not bringing the show back, so they should end the show with some class.

Because of this crappy treatment to television viewers everywhere, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide endings to a few of our favorite shows:

The 4400

The "future's" plan for the earth has been terribly skewed and gone awry. Tom didn't kill Isabelle when he was supposed to; therefore, the plots of The Marked and the Nova Group are able to thrive.

Jordan Collier is released from jail. Jordan proclaims himself God and ruler of Promise City, which is now a suburb of Seattle. He is allowed to continue his work with the 4400 Center, within certain parameters set by NTAC. Tom remains his thorn in the side.

Kyle remains Jordan's lackey.

The spread of promicin has been contained somewhat. Those with special abilities must register. Those who don't register will go to prison.

Richard is released from the clutches of the Marked. He mourns Isabelle's death. He then goes undercover for NTAC to corral those with negative abilities. He operates a select group who report to him only.

Alana comes back and warns Tom not to take the promicin shot. She and Tom marry.

Shawn becomes mayor of Seattle and vows never to use his ability again.

Diana gets back together with Ben and relocates to Spain. She takes a reluctant Maia with her. Maia still believes that Jordan is one of the good guys and wants to be his personal psychic/secretary.

The Dead Zone

Greg Stillson insists that Sara will be his. His rage at her rejection causes him to morph into a crazy Biff type of person (Back to the Future). Greg puts a hit out on John and has the president killed so he can assume command. John calls Bruce, who returns to help. Visions of Armageddon get more and more clear.

Greg has Johnny kidnapped. He wants to look like the hero in Sara's eyes. John and Bruce are able to rescue Johnny. This begins a deadly cat-and-mouse game between them and Stillson. Stillson decides that he will blow up the world before he lets anyone have Sara, especially John Smith. He declares that worlds will collide if he lets John Smith live. Sara distracts Greg long enough for John and Bruce to get the Black Box away from him.

The last shot we see is Greg Stillson washing and waxing John's car.

New Amsterdam

John disappears after he decides not to go with Sara to her parents' cabin. Meanwhile, Eva, John's partner, is found dead. John is the prime suspect. Omar starts looking for his father to tell him of the murder rap.

John starts searching for Eva's killer. While hunting down the suspect, John meets another woman. This woman remembers John from the past. As they discuss and try to figure out how they know each other, it turns out that she, too, is immortal and the past she's referring to is 1848. The woman suffers a near-fatal heart attack while talking to John.

After the woman (miraculously) recovers, she helps John hunt for Eva's killer. During the process, they develop feelings for each other. The last shot we see is each of them finding a gray hair in their heads.


Talbot gets the list of vampires and decides to investigate each name. Some rogue vampires decide to kill him to prevent him from leaking the information to the media, but it's too late. BuzzWire gets the list and despite Beth's efforts to try to prevent the list from being published, it happens anyway.

Beth wants to be with Mick and insists on him turning her. He refuses. She says she'll go to another vampire if necessary. Mick turns her and they leave L.A. for Transylvania, where they are married and currently working on a chemical that will allow vampires to enjoy other foods besides blood.

Freaks & Geeks

Though Judd Apatow's "Freaks & Geeks" has become something of a cult hit now, back in its 1999-2000 run, its ratings were pretty low, bringing the program to a premature end before the lead characters could really experience any growth or maturity. Lindsay and Sam (Linda Cardellini and John Francis Daley, respectively) remained afraid of "getting in trouble," as they constantly reminded us in each episode - until the finale, that is. Lindsay finally took control of her own life and decided to ditch the summit and hit the road with some of her friends to follow a band on tour, making the show end when it was really just picking up.

If the show had been given the run it deserved, we would have gotten to see Lindsay return from her adventure, obviously a changed young woman, and follow her new journey through the eyes of someone finally making her own decisions, for herself, and happy with what she does.

When Lindsay and Kim (Busy Philipps) return from their trip, they have to deal with the repercussions of of their deceit. While Kim deals with a pregnancy scare (and Daniel, played by James Franco), good guy that he is, sticks by her and learns that being a dad is one thing at which he could be good), Lindsay's parents make her get an after school job to keep her away from her "burnout" friends, which introduces some new characters who are somewhat of a middle ground between Daniel, Nick, and Ken and Millie. In doing so, Lindsay will find away to exist between the two extremes.

In the meantime, Sam and Neal (Samm Levine) will have to reconcile the fact that Bill (Martin Starr) has started playing baseball and is now spending more time with the JV jocks. As the friends begin to go their slight separate ways, the finale would be a fast-forward in time at a five or ten-year reunion, showing the Weir parents (and in turn, the world) that even kids who are slackers in high school can grow up to be successful. A brand new arc and therefore a brand new ending.

Feel free to add your own endings, or supply us with endings to other shows you've felt cheated by. Make a comment!

Story by Donna Terrell
with input from Danielle Turchiano
Starpulse contributing writers