Past the music, however, is a group of well-drawn characters who feel like real people, not sitcom templates. On paper, husband and father Eddie could have been the 'boring married guy' that gets all of the headaches and none of the fun - but Peter credits Wedding Band's co-creators for the development of his character. "Darin and Josh are great writers for the part in the sense that they are 'boring married guys' but they're not boring guys," he said. "They struggle with that identity. They're pursuing their dream and managing that with a family life.

"People see [Eddie] as sort of likeable, especially juxtaposed to Tommy, but it makes him three-dimensional," he continued, adding that "I will inevitably participate in the hijinks, because there was a period of time where I engaged in that wholeheartedly."

Another highlight for Peter is working with the show's gifted ensemble cast. "It's a real treat going into Rutherford's office, those big scenes when everyone's kind of there," he said. "The one person I kind of never have scenes with is Jenny Wade. The Rachel character just absolutely cracks me up [with] her willingness in the most extreme way to go along with everything."

And when it comes to his badass TV wife, Kathryn Fiore: "She's the best. She's just fantastic," he added. "I love that side of the show [with] Eddie reconciling his dream."

In addition to rocking out on Saturday nights, Peter also continues in his recurring role as psychologist Nate Getz on CBS's NCIS: Los Angeles. He most recently appeared in this week's episode, 'Paper Soldiers,' with Nate forced to ask tough questions of one-time love interest Rose (Kathleen Rose Perkins). "I love working on that show and I love those guys," he said. "It's a real treat to come back and do that."

With Wedding Band, he may have found his perfect role. The infinitely likeable actor is one of those folks you just enjoy seeing on television, like an old friend that's come back for a visit. He has a comedic ability that allows Eddie to be believable both admonishing his bandmates when necessary (if you'd only valet-parked the minivan, Barry!), and when his long-frustrated inner rock god comes out, even if it means initially embarrassing himself in front of his boss. He's able to bring to life both sides of Eddie - and show the audience how one really couldn't exist without the other.

As much as we've enjoyed watching it, Peter's truly enjoyed his gig on Wedding Band, and hopes the show earns a second season. "We all had a really positive experience with a great crew and a great group of actors. This big group of humble people," he said. "It's been a great ride so far. It's one of the things I'm most proud of that I've done." Hopefully he and his bandmates will continue to rock out well into the future. World tour, anyone?

You can keep up with Peter on Twitter (@PeterCambor). Don't miss the season finale of Wedding Band - tonight at 10 PM ET/PT on TBS.

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