Sandwiched between The Dollyrots' snarky power-punk ditties about being awesome and having hot best friends is a fiery cover of the 1972 number one song "Brand New Key" by hippie folkstress Melanie. A controversial song when released because of its alleged innuendoes, this revamped tune fits perfectly on The Dollyrots' sophomore album Because I'm Awesome.

Clocking in at 2:53, this blistering version gives the original a big, snotty facelift with feedback guitars, driving bass and sneering vocals from Kelly Ogden (deemed one of Blender's hottest women in rock). Though it might seem like an unlikely cover for an LA punk band, The Dollyrots turn the folk-infused original into a rollicking good time.

Why cover "Brand New Key?" Says Kelly, "I discovered the song when I was about 16. My best friends' Dad had the coolest folk rock record collection and I was a growing girl looking for something, anything, to relate to and kind of latch on to. The stories, Woodstock, Greenwich Village, the clothes... so I became a 16 year-old hippie living in Land O' Lakes, Florida. "Brand New Key" was my theme song in those days. All I know is that's the year I worked all summer and at the end, I bought an acoustic guitar. The song really makes me remember who I was and where I was at the time."

The band is on tour now:
Mar 13 - Austin, TX - BMI Showcase (SXSW) - Club DeVille
Mar 20 - Las Vegas, NV - Beauty Bar
Mar 21 - San Diego, CA - Beauty Bar
Mar 22 - LA, CA - Safari Sam's

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