Going to a concert is the main way a devoted fan can pay homage to their favorite band. However, if you happen to be a person who goes to concerts often there are many reasons to stay at home. Here's our list of the devoted concert goer's pet peeves:

1. Overpriced Tickets

The same band you paid $15 to see when they were nobodies are now charging $100 to see them play live. What's the difference? A hit single.

2. Scalpers

Scalpers try to get desperate fans to shell out hundreds to thousands of dollars for less than two hours of entertainment. It's even more annoying when these scalpers are the holders of the very tickets that you couldn't get legitimately through the sole ticket service that claimed that the show is SOLD OUT!

3. The Opening Act

The opening act will have that lone fan in front of the stage gyrating wildly to show some kind of support, since no knows who they are or even cares. The opening act part of the show is also another break moment.

4. The Tallest Person At The Show

The tallest person at the show of course is the one person that will feel most compelled out of all the 3, 000 people in the audience to come and stand in front of YOU unapologetically throughout the whole show and totally block any visual focal point that you may have had towards the stage.

5. The Most Overzealous Fan

What would a concert be without the overzealous fan that feels the need to not only share their undying devotion to the band but has to express it in a way that everyone around them have to hear it and see them expressing it loudly throughout the whole show.

6. The Dancer

The floor is packed arm to arm, body to body, and here we have the dancer dancing away as if he or she was on an empty dance floor, but in reality is bumping into you every five minutes and stepping on your poor toes. Nightmare!

7. The Ballad

The ballad is the one song type that should be cut out of all concert repertoire. We call it the bathroom, beer, gossip, and telephone break moments of the show. With a million conversations going on, bands can certainly see and hear that 75% of the arena is not listening to them during this time.

8. Beer Spills

These are the fans that have to stand in front of the stage but get so thirsty and have to leave their friend to make the journey to the back of the bar getting drinks to fight and make their way back to the front of the stage while spilling smelly beer everywhere and on everyone.

9. The Heckler

The heckler is the fan that actually pays money to get into a concert just to heckle and harass the band on stage from the audience floor by yelling things like "you suck" to the annoyance of the band and real fans.. Stooopid!

10. The Singer

The singer fan feels the compulsion to sing their hearts out with every song heard, off key of course, to the detriment of everyone else's hearing.

11. The Lighter Wave

As soon as the band starts singing some sappy song off their song list many people in the audience turn on their lighters to do the lighter wave as if on cue. You'd think it was even part of the act.

12. Freebird Callout

For some odd reason there will always be someone shouting "Freebird" during the quietest moments a show. Really, why would someone call out a 70's band's song at the show that they are watching?

13. Getting Wasted

It's not really clear if this phenomenon goes on because it's dark in the arena, but there will be that fan that gets so wasted that they end up vomiting and passing out to the point of having to be escorted out by an embarrassed friend, or even better, the club's security team.

14. The Bored Face In The Crowd

A bored face in the crowd is likely to be of some parent that had to come as an "escort" to the show of their kid's ridiculous favorite band or some big shot from the record label that will leave like ten minutes after the show starts, only to leave that seat that you want so badly in front of the stage empty for the rest of the night.

15. The Encore

The encore is the indulgent part of the program where the band says goodbye for the evening, leaving the stage about 20 minutes before the end of the amount of time allotted by the venue, to only come back after 5 - 7 minutes of thunderous applause and pleas from the audience to sing the only two hit songs that everyone came to see them sing in the first place.

16. Sound Quality

Technology may be too good at times, especially when the artist or band you love sounds nothing near the band heard on CD when performing LIVE. It's a bad moment.

17. No Credit Merchandising Kiosk

These are the places selling over priced t-shirts and merchandise and expect everyone to pay with cash. Mind you, the majority of cash was spent on getting the band's over priced ticket in the first place!

18. Out In The Boonies...

There should be a law that all entertainment venues should be near some sort of public transportation. The idea of getting off a train to take a cab to an out in the boonies venue out in the middle of nowhere is unacceptable. Worse is trying to make your way back home after 11 p.m. at the end of the show.

19. Street Teams

Street teams would be great if they weren't giving out flyers and free stuff after the show of bands no one knows and probably are never going to see.

20. The Cancellation

Failed visas, sickness, rehab, and whatever other reason given for a show cancellation just leaves fans bummed out beyond words after getting all hopes high.

Story by Claudine Paul
Starpulse contributing writer