Almost 15 years after The Corrs became an international, multiplatinum sensation with a unique mix of pop songs and traditional Celtic instrumentation, the band of Irish siblings has recorded its first album of traditional Irish music. Rhino Entertainment has your ticket to the Emerald Isle with HOME, The Corrs' fifth studio album, available February 7.

Produced by Mitchell Froom and featuring the BBC Radio 2 Orchestra arranged by Fiachra Trench, HOME contains a collection of 13 traditional and modern Irish songs performed by The Corrs clan -- Andrea on lead vocals and tin whistle; Caroline on drums, bodhran, piano and vocals; Jim on keyboards, guitar and vocals; and Sharon on violin and vocals.

Recorded not only to please fans who have long clamored for an entire album of Irish music from the group, HOME is also a tribute to the group's mother -- Jean -- who died in 1999. Her handwritten songbook, Andrea says, provided a major source of material for the album. "She used to play every weekend in pubs with Daddy, and she'd written all these Irish songs out in a book. They're songs we've loved over the years, and because our parents played them in their band, they're very special to us."

HOME includes songs that span a millennium of Irish music from "Return to Fingal," a song music scholars say is at least 1,000 years old, to "Old Town," a song written in 1982 by late Thin Lizzy frontman and fellow Irishman Phil Lynott. Along with traditional songs such as "My Lagan Love," "Moorlough Shore" and "Black Is The Colour," HOME also includes The Corrs singing several songs in Gaelic - "Brid Og Ni Mhaille" and "Buachaill On Eirne."

Born and raised as a close-knit family in Dundalk, the Corrs siblings all played instruments from an early age. In 1990 they appeared in Alan Parker's film The Commitments. Since 1996, the band has released four studio albums, all of which have achieved platinum status internationally.

The Corrs - "Home" - Track Listing

1. "My Lagan Love"
2. "Spancill Hill"
3. "Peggy Gordon"
4. "Black Is The Color"
5. "Heart Like A Wheel"
6. "Buachaill On Eirne"
7. "Old Hag"
8. "Moorlough Shore"
9. "Old Town"
10. "Dimming Of The Day"
11. "Brid Og Ni Mhaille"
12. "Haste To The Wedding"
13. "Return To Fingal"