His fan base has grown over the last year-plus due to the overwhelming success of USA's original series Suits, which stars Jesse's brother, the also tremendously talented Gabriel Macht. Many devoted admirers of the show have also embraced Jesse's music. "It's totally helpful," he said of the impact the show's popularity has had. "The morale of it is really wonderful. It's just so nice to have an audience out there that was generously given to me through that show. It's hard to get your music out there if you are not part of the label system or on the radio [and] this was a huge opportunity to get an audience listening."

What's notable about that added boost is that not only do these newcomers find Jesse, but they keep listening, too. "When my music is heard, a high percentage of the people who hear it really like it. I've got so many more followers on Twitter and Facebook," he continued. "I hope that audience keeps growing. I hope that people keep enjoying my brother's show for his success and the success of the people working on it. I can't tell you how grateful I am."

It's not hard to figure out why Jesse is captivating new audiences and making so many connections amongst his fellow musicians, and it's not just because of his brother's TV show. The obvious starting point is that he's very, very good at what he does. While he's a great vocalist, he's even better when it comes to writing material. If you're one of those people who feels like popular music has a limited vocabulary, listen to the lyrics of "New Vaccine." Not only does he possess a gift for creative wordplay, but he's also able to use those words to evoke a genuine feeling in the listening audience. You're hearing something that will stick with you a lot longer than your average made-for-radio-airplay song.

He also has a down-to-earth, unselfish personality that serves him well. Jesse never loses sight of the fact that his success is not a solo venture. He re-branded from just 'Jesse Macht' to 'Jesse Macht and the Buffalo Fight' to include his backing band. He also makes a point of tipping his hat to his fellow collaborators and to former EMI employee Katie O'Halloran, who introduced him to a number of those artists. "She's so sweet," he said. "I went and met with her, and she had some people that she had worked with. She hooked me up with those people in New York, and we wrote a bunch of great songs together."

And like his brother Gabriel, he's equipped with a tireless work ethic, not just to keep going but to keep improving at his craft. He understands that success doesn't mean having one good release or one big break. "This business is a tough business," he reflected. "Once you have a hit single, you can make a ton of money. Otherwise, it's a hustle, like anything else." And with a comprehensively brilliant new album and plenty of promising new material in the works, it seems like his years of hustle are deservedly paying off more now than ever before.

So what's next for Jesse while he's got all the momentum? He's looking toward a new release, which would contain acoustic solo versions of the tracks he's collaborated on. "I want to do acoustic versions of all those songs, and just do them all on my own," he said, "and that would be the next record I'd put out in the spring." We can hardly wait, because he just keeps getting better.

You can find Jesse Macht at his official website (JesseMachtMusic.com), on Twitter (@jessemachtmusic), and on Facebook (Facebook.com/JesseMachtMusic). You can also sample some of his music by using the SoundCloud widget below.

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