Say what you will about "Prison Break," but if there is one thing that it has not been these past few weeks, it's predictable. While the series has always been prone to wild plot twists, quadruple-crosses and plenty of violence, things have really elevated to another level ever since the gang got the best of The General (Leon Russom) a few episodes ago.

Word of the Day: Gas

Things pick up right where they left off last week, with Self (Michael Rapaport) needing a final chip for Scylla, a chip that Michael (Wentworth Miller) possesses. Last week Michael invited Self to "come and get it," and although he didn't ask very nicely, Self complies. Self, thinking that he is in complete control of the situation, begins shooting gas canisters into the warehouse, hoping to smoke out the gang. He also shoots a mini spy camera into the room, which goes undetected. Just when it appears that Michael, Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) will suffocate, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell), who had been outside as a precaution, ambushes Self from behind.

Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe), still fighting for the safety of her daughter and sister, comes to Self's rescue and guns get pointed everywhere. Self tells Michael that they can work together on this and that they will be able to both take down The Company and make quite a bit of money in the process. Michael agrees to help out and Self and Gretchen depart. Obviously, neither Michael nor Self meant a word of what they said to each other. Only way to settle this? Cage match!

What follows is about 45 minutes of chaos. Gretchen and Self use the spy camera to try and find out where Michael is hiding the Scylla chip. While they are busy with this, they are oblivious to the fact that Sucre had hidden in the trunk of their car and followed them to their hotel. He also manages to steal some of those gas canisters while he was sitting in said trunk. Self and Gretchen see Michael hiding the chip, and they prepare to go retrieve it. Before they can, however, they are ambushed by Lincoln, Sucre and Sara. Gretchen leaves the room and gets attacked by Sucre, who has no qualms about punching her in the face repeatedly. However, this is Gretch we are talking about, and the power of the lipstick prevails. In no time at all she has turned the tables on Sucre and is about to kill him when Sara pushes her down the stairs.

Self stays in the room, but is quickly forced to flee when Lincoln exacts revenge and starts shooting gas canisters at him. He eventually leaves, but is attacked from behind by Michael, who steals Scylla. Michael doesn't get too far before having an attack from the tumor, and he passes out. Self manages the retrieve Scylla, and he is about to kill Michael when a few Company men arrive and start shooting at him. He and Gretchen flee, while Michael is taken by the Company men. Words cannot describe the utter chaos in this scene. Glorious.

Where's Alex?

So, what has Mahone (William Fichtner) been up to while all of this is going on? Well, first and foremost, he got himself a spiffy new haircut. Having obtained a fresh new 'do, he reaches out to Agent Lang. Lang is a former subordinate who trusted him implicitly and still tries to help him out whenever she can. Sadly, she continues to help him despite the fact that he took that trust, dropped trou, and did his business all over it back in season 2.

Mahone tries to once again convince Lang that The Company exists, and that they are very, very bad. She still has trouble believing him, but agrees to try and help by getting someone that she trusts in the bureau on board. This man, of course, turns out to be a colleague of Mahone's from back in the good old days. He was suspicious of Mahone back then, and is even more so now. He agrees to help, however, if Mahone can produce evidence showing that The Company exists. Mahone is banking on Scylla for that, but when he is told that Scylla has been lost by Lincoln, he realizes that he has nothing.

Lang and her associate have a conversation outside, and Lang returns to tell Mahone that they believe him, but he has to come with them to go tell higher authorities. Mahone knows that she is lying, but sees no other choice. He gets in the car and immediately gets Lang to admit that there is no such meeting awaiting him, he is simply going back into custody. Like the previous times that Mahone has been taken into custody, this should not last too long (and we see in next week's preview that it indeed does not).

T-Bag's Inner Struggle Continues

T-Bag (Robert Knepper) continues to hold Gretchen's sister Rita and her daughter hostage. He laments to Rita (like he does to anybody who will listen) about his glory days as Cole Pfeiffer, and how he wishes that he was Cole Pfeiffer: Master Salesman instead of T-Bag: Convict. Things get complicated when a bible salesman comes to the door. T-Bag is suspicious, and keenly observes that the supposed "bible salesman" is wearing an Eastern Military Academy ring. How T-Bag knows what one of those looks like is a left up to debate. T-Bag beats the man and ties him up, thinking that he works for The Company.

Rita tries to appeal to T-Bag's humanity, telling him that the man is innocent and T-Bag is being paranoid. T-Bag is about to kill the man when she pulls the Cole Pfeiffer card, telling T-Bag that Cole Pfeiffer will be forever dead if he pulls the trigger. This and a bible verse is enough to convince T-Bag to let everybody go, and he feels reborn. The good feeling does not last long, as the man was indeed Company, and he overpowers T-Bag as soon as he is untied. T-Bag takes one last, longing look at Cole Pfeiffer's business card (which he dropped in the struggle) before being carried away to The General.

Strange Bedfellows

Michael wakes up and realizes that there are doctors all around, and they appear to be performing tests. He is then greeted by the kindly face of The General. Has Big G grown a heart that is no longer two sizes too small? Not quite. He is using Michael as leverage (the General's favorite word we might remember), and sure enough Lincoln soon appears, waving the white flag. He says that he will do whatever it takes to assure that Michael is given proper medical attention. The General tells him that he needs to retrieve Scylla, and then gives him an ominous looking folder. No doubt that Sara, Sucre, Mahone (and even T-Bag most likely) will be involved in the operation as well.

The excitement looks to continue next week, as it appears that most of the gang will now be working for The General, who controls Michael's fate. Obviously Michael won't die next week, but he does appear to have a near death experience/"Eli Stone" vision in the preview. It also looks like the vision will feature an appearance by Muse Watson's Charles Westmoreland. Maybe they can have a vision of Tweener as well, although due to Lane Garrison's current situation, those scenes would have to be filmed in an actual prison.

What do you think was in the folder that The General handed to Lincoln? Will Gretchen find out that her daughter and sister are now free? What does that mean for Self? Leave a comment!

Story by Derek Krebs

Starpulse contributing writer