It’s a crazy night for reality television, with the finale of Big Brother and the premiere of Survivor. However, The Challenge will always hold a special place in my heart. We start back where we left off: with the final female Jungle.

Camila/Jemmye and Diem/Aneesa face off in a challenge previously won by Cooke and Cara Maria. Diem can’t reach the ropes she’s supposed to cut, leaving her at a huge disadvantage. You can bet she will be bitching about that for the next five years. In the end, Camila and Jemmye win. Aneesa takes it hard, sobbing in the water. Apparently Diem and Aneesa love each other but blah who cares?

The various challengers worry about their chances in the finals. Emily calls herself a poor runner. Since running is a notorious part of the finals, that could cause trouble. Cara Marie, who has proven herself to be a bad swimmer, practices in the pool with Cooke and CT. I still really like the preparation scenes.

It’s announced that they’ll be heading to Tokyo. The announcement is a head scratcher for most of them. Usually the final challenges are in wide open spaces where lots of running, hiking, and swimming. Tokyo is as urban as it gets, a city where sidewalks are packed with people. Hardly a typical challenge experience.

But just as they head towards the airport, a van filled with all-black-clad ninjas come to “kidnap” the group. Surprise! The challenge is actually now, here. The lie about Tokyo was pointless, but it was a great way to catch them off guard.

Another twist is that the last team to finish the first leg of the race is out. No other chances to catch up. I hate this twist, but I can see why they’d do it. It’s usually only a fight between two teams anyway, so why waste the expense on the third team?

The first part of the challenge is CM’s worst nightmare: swimming. While all the teams are working on their puzzle, she’s still swimming. CT and Wes finish the puzzle first and therefore go onto the next leg. None of the girl’s teams do very well, but CM and Cooke pull it out and become the first girls team to make the finals.

Emily and Paula also make the final leg, leaving Camila and Jemmye behind. Jordan/Marlon and Johnny/Frank raced to the end with kayaks. Of course, we end with a cliffhanger. Who will end up

Other Musings:

  • Diem hugged CT before leaving.
  • CT helps CM learn to swim, it’s a sweet moment. He’s also very excited when they get
  • Going to Tokyo… it worries Wes and CT because it’s a city and isn’t what they’ve been preparing for
  • Ct calls himself one of the best ever but he’s sad about never winning. “I want to be Tom Brady.”
  • They show Johnny stealing Jordan’s Godzilla joke. Of course, Johnny is a
  •  “Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.” CM on seeing water
  • Frank thinks he’s a genius but his puzzle making skills are severely lacking.