Diemnesia is a disease that affects 1 in every 1 girl on The Challenge. It’s the strange disorder where a female drinks far too much, makes questionable sexual choices, and then wakes up the next morning pretending that they don’t remember a second of it. Then, she makes sure to remind everybody that she was “sooo wasted” and asks what happened so she can hear the story over and over. Diem’s affliction in this episode was really no different than what happens every night after drunken college parties.

Surely, Diem must get a thrill out of watching the re-tread of her romance play out on television. But I must admit that despite the fake coyness, it’s a sweet Beast and the Beast type relationship. CT shows bouts of decentness around her. It was a cute moment when he sleeps on the floor while Diem is passed out on his bed.

On the competition side of things, today’s challenge is one of my favorites. In “Rampage” the teams have to run up and down a steep hill to place 20 balls at the top. It’s physically taxing, even if it only lasts 3 minutes. It truly shows which teams are in top physical shape and which don’t have any stamina, almost like a sneak peek of the final.

CT and Wes kill the competition, becoming the only team to get all 20 balls, with seconds to spare. Although Preston and Knight are sent into The Jungle for their poor performance, it’s Johnny that really has an embarrassing moment. In just three minutes of physical activity, he’s gasping for air on the floor, begging for time and water to recover. As Paula puts it, “Papa’s getting old.”

The girls part of the competition is obvious. Of course Paula and Emily would win as they are the most physically in shape. Of course, Jemmeye, Camila, Diem, and Aneesa would suffer, since they are the weaker female teams. But the real surprise is how close Cooke and Cara Maria get to beating Emily and Paula. Despite running into each other and CM’s pads falling off, they are only a few seconds behind the winning team. They’ll be the only real competition for Emily and Paula in the finals.

Jordan and Marlon, one of the best rookie duo in a while, are also sent into The Jungle to fight for the last male spot in the finals.

But it wouldn’t really feel like a season of The Challenge without a fight where CT embarrasses somebody. Once the votes are in, Wes jokes about Johnny’s poor performance. Johnny’s response is to show how he’s truly unable to take a joke. He screams about Wes’s fumble in the finals of Rivals 1, makes jabs at CT’s performance in Battle of the Exes finale, and generally complains about everything.

Then CT goes off, yelling jumbled nonsense in Johnny’s face. It doesn’t matter what he says. What matters is the look of fear in Johnny’s eyes, who probably had flashbacks to the time CT turned him into a backpack or when he smashed a wall with his fist. Johnny looks past CT, still yelling at Wes, despite the 200 pound man in his face. The fight will make the finals that much more entertaining.

In the end, Preston and Knight lose, sending Jordan and Marlon to the finals. The competition for the men will definitely be tough.

Other Musings:

  • I like when they show how much training goes into these challenges.
  • “I never thought I’d say this but I like having him as a teammate,” says CT about Wes. Diem thinks there’s sexual tension between the two. Yep. Definitely.
  • Jordan and Marlon are yet another in a line of recent rookie teams who have beaten the rookie cure.
  • Johnny of all people says “I don’t expect CT and Wes to show any humility. They’re horrible winners.” This man has no self-awareness.
  • During the fight, Wes names all the cars he has, his house, and “30 companies” among his assets.
  • Things that people say about Johnny during the fight: he cheats on every girlfriend, he doesn’t have a real job, and his mom pays his rent.
  • Johnny, nobody cares if you respect their romantic choices. Nobody.