Every year on The Challenge, the final competition proves to be the most stressful. The designers of the challenges go all out, creating something worth sweating over. But it isn’t only the challenge itself that is the source of stress. Being that close to the end and falling short is ever competitor’s nightmare. And nobody—nobody!—in this episode is more of a nightmare than Diem.

Diem is a girl who is used to getting her way, with men, with friends, with Challenges, and with her cushy sweetheart edit. Once it starts to fall apart, so does she. After a challenge that mixed memory with a physical aspect, Diem and Aneesa come in last. All season their team has had an alliance with Paula/Emily and Camila/Jem, so all three teams pray that the ultimate underdogs, Cooke and Cara Maria lose. Well, no such luck. As if written by the editors themselves, Cooke and CM get first place, immunity from the final Jungle, and their spot in the finals.

The girls, of course, aren’t happy about Cooke and CM’s win. The two winners jump for joy, cry, and scream in fits of happiness. It’s a natural reaction to knowing that you’ll have the chance to win the whole thing. But Queen Diem is not happy. Cooke smiles and Diem sees it as a personal attack. (She claims Cooke was “smirking” at her. Delusion at its finest.) She declares that, “People who shouldn’t be celebrating are celebrating” as if they didn’t completely earn their spot. She goes on to complain that Cooke is arrogant, elitist, and other equally poor sport complaints. Doesn’t Cooke realize that this is DIEM’S GAME? Shouldn’t Cooke be falling on her knees begging Queen Diem to forgive her for winning? Shame on this rookie for not knowing her place.

Diem goes on to target the male teams. She implies to Team Johnny that she wants to go against Camila and Jemmye. When CT and Wes don’t immediately go to her to ask who to vote for, she goes off on them. Eventually, she gets her way, but not at the expense of the way CT wants to play the game. He doesn’t vote the way she wants. He doesn’t give into her sly smiles. And it pisses her off. (It pisses Johnny off too, who is STILL complaining about CT and Diem’s relationship.)

After Camila and Jemmye are thrown into The Jungle, Diem’s wrath has not ended. Camila calls her out for fishing to fight her in The Jungle. When Jemmye joins the fight, she throws out a few gems. “You’re a fake ass bitch,” she says. She also throws in her face that she fell for CT’s tactics. With wine in her hand, Diem goes around insulting people one at a time. (Side note: on the After Show she goes on a rant about how she’s a “good girl.” Basically, Diem is the worst.)

The episode ends in a cliffhanger. Either Team Diem or Team Camila will be the third girl’s team in the final competition. Whoever it is, it’ll sure to be a hell of a fight.

Other Musings:

  • Last week I wondered why Johnny cared so much about CT and Diem. (Maybe he’s a betrayed shipper?) He calls Diem his “close, personal” friend here so that can begin to explain it. But it’s still weird that he’s so invested in a grown woman’s relationship.
  • Hate to pile on Diem, but I hate the way she describes her feelings. She says, “It makes you feel good” instead of “make me feel good.”
  • During a conversation, Paula pouts and leaves the room without explanation. When Camila asks her about it, Paula just whines “people will not be friends after this.” The scene is put there as foreshadowing but it barely makes sense. She’s just using it at as excuse to act her regular crazy self.
  • After Cooke and CM win, in the background you can see CT and Wes celebrating. CT roots for them during the competition and hug the competitors at the end. It’s been nice to see their background friendship.
  • While Paula is begging and crying not to be sent in The Jungle,  Jem says, “Crying! I can’t compete with tears.” She’s actually pretty funny.