In honor of yesterday's elections, we have some special celebrity results coming in. This year's candidates were vying for: Most Consistent Troublemaker, Best Celine Dion Fill-in, and Worst Excuse for an Outfit. Watch the video below to see these "winners" in action.

Most Consistent Troublemaker: Charlie Sheen made this a one-man race with a late push that including a busted-up hotel room, an adult film star date, and a divorce that started after some pretty nasty threats. 

Best Celine Dion Fill-in: Will Ferrell won this election after coming out of nowhere. However, after seeing his grand performance on the Late Show with David Letterman, the choice became all-too obvious.

Worst Excuse for an Outfit: What was Kim Kardashian thinking with that one-armed fur sleeve? Did they run out of material while working on it, or does she only get cold on that side of her body? She gets another mention for her leopard-print boots.

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