Penn realizes that he’s too tall, at 6 foot 7, to work a puppet; he’ll have to be the host. That leaves Lisa and Clay to take on the puppet roles, and leaves Dayana pouting at once again having nothing to do. When Penn asks what voices Lisa can do, Clay stirs the pot by asking Lisa to do a ‘Spanish chick.’ Dayana takes great offense at Lisa’s attempt. She interviews that Lisa is disrespectful and unprofessional, but doesn’t say anything at the table. She waits to hear what her task will be. Lisa says that participating doesn’t always mean being on stage, while Clay says that puppet design is a large part of their task. Dayana’s convinced that Lisa is purposely giving her nothing to do, so that she can go into the Board Room once again calling Dayana ‘useless.’

Team Unanimous are delighted to visit the Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, where they will be designing their puppets. They choose a periwinkle blue froggish character, and a larger, yellow puppet that looks like a walking shag rug. Now they need to add facial features, hair, and accessories.  Aubrey suggests that Arsenio’s puppet, Perry Winkle, have an orange Mohawk, while Teresa plans for her creature to be glamorous, and over the top. Teresa struggles to find a name for her character.  Arsenio dubs it ‘Fabulina.’

Dayana’s a natural designing team Forte’s puppet, so good, in fact, that she’s offered a job!   Penn’s a little jealous that the creature he and Clay work on doesn’t earn him a job offer as well. Clay’s big blue puppet looks a little like a punk rocker, while Lisa wants Dayana to make her orange puppet ‘purty’ and gorgeous. Aubrey thinks all of Teresa’s choices are tacky, and that Paul’s doing very little as PM.  

The puppeteers and improv actors arrive to teach the teams how to manipulate the puppets, and to give a brief improv lesson. “Improv is just everyday life, confronted with fake circumstances. Just react to the circumstances,” says one actor. Clay and Lisa discover that it’s not so easy being a puppeteer, as they struggle to make the puppets move.  Clay’s got the edge, though, with his past experience. “Church,” he brags to Lisa.

Aubrey quietly tries to let Teresa know that she’ll need lessons in both puppetry and improv, as she’s done neither before. Team Unanimous is still working on their puppets, as the teachers wait for them in another room. Paul isn’t taking control, so they’re wasting time fiddling with the puppets, rather than getting on with the next phase. 

Teresa and Arsenio work with their coaches, while Aubrey gets a lesson in how to host. Teresa’s overwhelmed and nervous, and has difficulties with the puppets. Aubrey learns that she has to ‘end on a high,’ that is, on a great laugh, or a great line. She’s not worried; she’s confident that she has nothing to worry about, unlike her team mates.

The improv coach outlines the basics of improv; first, don’t deny, always agree with what the other players are proposing. Arsenio knows that it’s impossible to learn everything in one lesson, but he’s impressed with Teresa’s willingness to try anything. Teresa thinks that Paul is not contributing anything to the team. Aubrey notes that Teresa is trying her best, but that probably won’t be good enough.

Ivanka’s visit finds Paul being very quiet, due to his back pain. He mentions how creative Aubrey is, but Ivanka wonders if the dressing down that Aubrey took from the group has made Aubrey too quiet during the challenge. Ivanka interviews that Aubrey needs to find the balance between being deferential to the Project Manager, while still adding creative value to the team.

Forte’s Penn says, “I’m multi-tasking. I’m sewing horns on a monster, and I’m contemplating suicide. So two things are being done simultaneously.” Dayana continues to grudgingly work on her puppet, despite everyone’s enthusiastic approval. When Eric Trump arrives at the studio, Lisa is quick to point out that Dayana’s doing great work, but Dayana is snippy, and doesn’t meet Eric’s eye. Clay says that everyone is being a team player, and that the team is working well together. Eric notes that Dayana doesn’t really agree, although she makes no complaint. He wonders if it’s the tension between Dayana and Lisa that is making her uncomfortable.

At rehearsal, Penn’s eager and enthusiastic, while Dayana pouts. Clay thinks Lisa should have worked a little harder at finding something for Dayana to do. Penn gets into his hosting job, with the show catchphrase of “Puppet Up!” Dayana sits in the audience, quiet and straight faced. Penn’s impressed with Clay’s characterizations.

On with the show, this is it! Arsenio tries to give Teresa a few tips on how to do improv, but Aubrey just hopes Teresa’s childlike personality will save the day.

Forte’s Lisa likes to relax before a show, but when Clay wonders if Dayana could stand by the side of the stage handling props, Lisa loses it yet again. Lisa becomes infuriated with Dayana’s always wanting to be featured, and starts a harangue that makes it clear that she’ll never be BFF with Dayana. Ever.  Clay tries to calm the situation so he himself can prepare to perform, but Lisa can’t stop screaming at Dayana, even putting down Dayana’s contribution to puppet creation. Finally, Dayana leaves the room in tears.

But Lisa’s not done. She then yells at Clay and Penn, asking them why they didn’t help her ‘manage’ Dayana. The responsibility of managing Dayana through every task is wearing her down, she says as she cries. Can’t anyone give her a little backup? Clay wonders if Dayana’s ‘stunning beauty’ makes Lisa feel threatened. Penn interviews that he doesn’t want to be part of someone who’s being loud and upsetting, and he goes outside to comfort Dayana. He lets her vent, but doesn’t offer any suggestions. Backstage, Lisa says she’s not going home because some bitch can’t stand being behind the camera.

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