Trump’s brought along two executives from Walgreens, who need the celebrities’ help in launching a new program, “Walk with Walgreens,” which encourages people to walk 30 minutes a day. The program is very simple; walk, log, and get rewards. It encourages people to connect with Walgreens online presence, track their time, and to compete with other people in the program.

Their task is to create a live, interactive help segment that promotes the benefits of walking and the ease of the “Walk with Walgreens” program. They will also have to create the graphics for a membership kit. They’ll be judged on brand messaging, kit design, and overall presentation.  Allison Sweeney (Days of Our Lives, The Biggest Loser) will judge.

From the new Unanimous, Arsenio offers himself as Project Manager, while Lou wants to head up Forte’s team. Trump asks Lou to do a few pushups, and Aubrey offers to do a few herself. Lou wins.

Winner of the challenge will get a total of $50,000.00 for their charity, with $30K coming from Walgreens. Arsenio’s particularly excited, as his charity, the Michael Jordan foundation, works with AIDS patients, and Arsenio’s cousin died recently from the disease.

Lisa hits it off with Penn immediately, but is devastated when she hears he’s leaving for the day, to do a show in Toronto. (Yeah! Toronto!) He’ll be back the next morning, though, and gives more creative and positive input in two hours than she can get from any other of her team members.

The two Walgreens execs pop by Forte’s office to fill them in on the basics of their project. Lisa feels like she’s the person they are trying to reach, as she’s a couch potato who hates to exercise. Lou tells the execs that, after having both hips and both knees replaced, he understands the importance of walking.

Penn’s got an interesting idea; why not ask what people can do while walking? The team runs with that, with Dee throwing in, “itching, and scratching.” Dayana thinks those may be negative words to use. Meanwhile, Lou, as PM, will be hosting their presentation, and Penn is not sure that’s a great idea. But Penn does think that they should have Dayana in a swimsuit, at some point. Unfortunately, all she owns are thongs.

At Unanimous’ office, Aubrey is barreling through her ideas, to the dismay of Project Manager Arsenio. He’s very diplomatic, which leads Aubrey to feel that he’s ineffectual. Aubrey brings up a ‘wheel’ idea that the others like. They’ll co-opt the audience into teams, led by Aubrey, Paul and Teresa. Aubrey’s on a roll until she starts handing out ‘quotes’ to each celebrity, culminating with saying that Arsenio can be the guy that ‘walked away from his career.’ Arsenio goes into a slow burn.

Aubrey has everyone go down to the nearest Walgreens to take pictures for their cube design.  Again, Arsenio is left out of the decisions, even to the point of not being allowed to choose his own profile picture. When he sees the graphics she’s chosen, he’s not at all happy, although her decision does make sense graphically.

Dee, on the other hand, wants to use the Walgreens logo on the cube. They will add lists of the things you can do while walking, like dating, eating, or flirting. Lisa is hurt when Dee tells Don Jr. that Dayana is a real asset to the team.

Aubrey butts in when Eric Trump pops by to see how the team is doing. She completely takes over the meeting, until Arsenio notes that she is taking over.

Lisa wrangles Lou and Dayana, since they will be the two most important front people of their presentation. Lisa tells Dee and Lou that Dayana should be wearing a really classy one piece suit, Dayana and Lou head off for a shopping trip. Dee is not impressed when Lisa carps about Dayana’s lack of intelligence.

On one hour’s sleep, Penn has returned; ready to give his all for the team.  The audience files in, and Lou begins his presentation. He does a great job, as do the rest of the group. That is, until Penn accidentally calls a segment the “Walk with Wal-Mart.” Ooh … that hurts. Dayana dashes on stage with a funny remark, he carries on, and the show is very good.

The Walgreens execs and Alison Sweeney just love the show, but they’re not happy with the graphic design of the presentation box.

Team Forte is raring to go. Aubrey leads them in a little prayer. The celebs toss out jumpsuits in red, yellow and blue, asking audience members to participate. Aubrey brings Alison Sweeney their mocked up box. Clay acts as emcee, while Arsenio is the game show host, bringing Paul, Teresa, and Aubrey up to spin the wheel and answer questions. Paul really enjoys telling the audience about his own commitment to walking. They do well, but it’s a little ‘fact-y,’ as the celebs add even more information than the Walgreens executives expected.

Alison and the Walgreens execs like the “Face Reality” slogan that Aubrey created, but think that the program was never really spelled out.

And it’s back to the Board Room for the teams. The butts are barely in the seats before Lisa’s telling Trump that Lou was ‘alright’ as a Project Manager, but that, once again, she did the brunt of the work. Lou defends himself, with his customary claim to be giving ‘110%,’ but Lisa’s having none of that – she wants everyone to know that Lou didn’t have much more to do than to present.

Over to Arsenio, and at first, he seems ready to take the high road. He’s low key, and determined to keep cool. But Eric stirs the pot when he mentions the mood in the room when Aubrey seemed to take over from Arsenio.  Arsenio, ever the gentleman, says that it’s a different thing to have to manage someone like Aubrey, whose ideas come a mile a minute. Clay jumps in as well, noting that Aubrey tends to forge ahead without waiting for approval.

Oh … it’s the team thing, isn’t it? Aubrey is not a team player, by anyone’s standards, and now both Clay and Arsenio are able to talk about team play.

Trump shows the teams each other’s design boxes. After looking at the opposition’s effort, Aubrey whispers, ‘that’s horrible,’ and pushes the box into the middle of the table, rather than let her team mates see what was presented. Lou’s team praises the work of the opposition, however.

Aubrey, hearing that Lisa loved the quotes on the box, leans forward to say, “written by me! Aren’t you proud of me!?”

And that’s when Arsenio blows his stack.

“Typing is not writing. What she just said is not true,” says Arsenio. Despite Aubrey’s explanations, he will not let her pass his work off as hers, and they fight over the semantics, with Arsenio again mentioning that Aubrey is simply not a team member.

“Why are you screaming?” asks Aubrey. “Teresa, did I write everybody’s?”  And Teresa has no option but to say, “well, sort of.”

Arsenio notes that, even when looking at the opposition’s graphics, she never thought of showing the box to others. It’s all about Aubrey, says Arsenio. Trump says, “That’s not good.”

Well, Eric gets a chance to tell the teams how it all went and Arsenio continues to badger Aubrey, regardless of the current subject, saying that Aubrey is selfish and needs her personality continually massaged. Clay has to agree. Aubrey begins to cry, and then turns to Teresa, asking her if it’s not true that she taught her everything she knows.

Even Trump is shocked at Aubrey’s words. But Teresa does try and stand up for Aubrey, saying that it’s all about how fast Aubrey speaks.  It’s a foregone conclusion that Arsenio will fire Aubrey if his team loses. And Paul concurs. Trump praises Aubrey as a great player, but not a team player.

Well, guess what? Arsenio’s team won! So they could have gone without all of the drama. But that might have prevented Aubrey from taking a long walk to the elevator by herself, without a word to her treacherous team mates. Now you see her, now you don’t.

Will she come back next week? Does she have anywhere else to go?

So, Lou, Lisa, Dayana, Dee and Penn are on the firing line. The others are sent back to the War Room. But Aubrey has a different idea – she wants nothing to do with her team, and heads straight for the elevator to leave.

“I don’t want to be around the negativity anymore, the environment is so unhealthy.” Hello? Pot, meet kettle. Aubrey’s had some very harsh words for her team members, so it’s ironic that she’s so upset that they dislike her as well. Oh well. Goodbye Aubrey. Don’t trip on your way out. I know Arsenio sure doesn’t want her back.

At the end of the day, Arsenio is just plain glad to have won the money for his charity.

Back in the Board Room, there’s still another firing to go. Once again, Lou has no intention of being fired, and he’ll tell you all about it, over and over. Penn seems pretty safe, since he wasn’t around for most of the challenge. Dayana will be brought back, because her name is now on a chair. Lisa won’t be brought back, because she’s the one with ‘ideas.’ Well, that only leaves Dee.

Dee tries to defend himself, but Trump hammers Dee with the knowledge that the Walgreens execs hated Dee’s box and graphics.

As expected, Lou brings back Dayana and Dee.  (in the War Room, Arsenio is going on and on about Aubrey’s ‘skank ass’ so it’s hard to concentrate on Trump’s conversation.)

Hey! Who’s that talking with the stars? Why it’s receptionist Amanda, actually interacting with Dee, Lou and Dayana. Amanda’s smiling and everything! Wow! Before you get too excited, the gang is called back into Trump’s board room.

Well, we knew Dayana wasn’t going to be fired, but I did have my fingers crossed that Lou would take the bullet. Unfortunately, Trump decided to make Dee the goat of the task, citing his graphics and creative as the losing factor.  So – yep, another week of watching Dayana and Lou holding back the creative efforts of the others.

Dee’s exit interview: My advice to the remaining contestants is to not prop up Lou Ferrigno anymore. The Trumps do not have a clear picture of who he is, and what he is, and his abilities. If he didn’t have my support, he’d have been gone a long time ago, and wouldn’t have been able to throw me under the bus.”

Next week: In the aftermath of Arsenio’s meltdown, Lisa’s fighting mad. Now it’s Lisa vs Dayana.  And Lisa vs Lou. And she’s taking over the Board Room.

So, was that three hour episode worth your while? Did you fall asleep as I did? Will you be tuning in next week to see what lies in store for the last remaining celebs? Let us know below, in the comment section.

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