Lisa, Tia and Aubrey get a shock when they see how small the windows will be. Their original ideas will seem cramped and junky in a space of this size. Lisa suggests that they change plans – divide one idea up between both windows instead of two separate ideas as planned. Dayana and Debbie are appalled with that idea. After visiting Ivanka’s showroom, Dayana comes back with a new idea; recreate the showroom in one window, and feature handbags and shoes in the other.  Debbie also gets the great idea of approaching Ivanka directly to borrow some of her jewelry line for the settings. When Don Jr. asks for an update, Dayana has to tell him that they’re re-working their original theme, but everything’s fine. Don Jr. picks up that they are unable to explain their concept, and are far behind in the execution. He doesn’t think Dayana has a firm grasp of the project.

George, Penn, Arsenio and Clay visit the Lord & Taylor basement, where the sets will actually be built, and then raised to street level by hydraulic lifts. Meanwhile, at the showroom, Arsenio is showing off his sense of fashion and style, choosing clothing and accessories that will give ‘pop’ to their windows. When Eric Trump pops by for an update, George and Penn outline their plan. Eric doesn’t say anything either positively or negatively, but does ask Clay for his take on George’s leadership. Despite Clay saying that the team is ready to pick up the slack, Eric senses a lack of confidence in their Project Manager.    

Aha! If you’ve ever wondered what the heck Amanda, receptionist at Trump’s Board Room, does when she’s scribbling away in her notebooks, wonder no more. Apparently, she also works for Ivanka’s clothing line! What a multi-tasker that lady is!

Adam, still slaving away at the set building, isn’t pleased when George calls to ask that the night set background be painted midnight blue, and then says his group are done for the day, and going home. Adam feels that George should have dropped by to see and approve what his group has done. Lou, not happy with the set colors, and Michael, helping with carpentry, agree that George should have been involved.

At Forte, Teresa feels that Dayana has never had a clear vision of their project, and even Patricia Velasquez, her fellow Venezuelan, has to agree that Dayana is having trouble keeping things on track. Dayana herself feels that being Project Manager is a lot of work, and very stressful.

The day of the unveiling dawns. Forte splits into two groups, with Deb and Lisa going to pick up sketches and the photographs taken the previous day, and the other women working on the actual set. Without the props, Aubrey places paper towels in the intended spots. Debbie and Lisa get stuck in traffic, and with the eleven a.m. deadline looming, it’s touch and go whether they’ll get to the store on time. And when they do, disaster strikes – due to a printing error, the photographs have not been included with the sketch pickup.

Unanimous are not too pleased to discover that Paul’s shop crew misinterpreted the size of the signage asked for – it won’t fit the brackets on the set. Adam’s frustrated that his vision isn’t coming together. Adam and Paul figure out a workaround, despite Lou’s constant ‘helpful’ suggestions.

Arsenio, Penn and Clay prepare the three sets of twins for the display, while George stands by idly. Clay interviews that he feels George gave away so much authority that he became superfluous to the project. Arsenio is surprised when Dee arrives to show solidarity, arm in a sling, with his hand bandaged and the news that it took four pins to repair the broken finger. (Ouch!) With minutes to spare, Unanimous send their living display up to be judged.  

George’s presentation to the judges isn’t very smooth, as he stumbles over his words, and Clay’s name. But the windows look great. One unanticipated glitch, however, is that the nighttime set is too dark, and hard to see, especially with the glare of the glass windows. George tells Ivanka and Scott that the idea for using twin models was Penn’s, Paul was in charge of the signature banner, and Arsenio was the fashion stylist. He gives ‘props’ to the men, saying that most people were like Lou, not involved in the project. Lou is furious, turns green, and grows four sizes larger …. No, he doesn’t. But that muscle twitching in his cheek tells me that Lou is barely keeping his temper in check.

Dayana presents bouquets to Ivanka and Scott, while Teresa, Lisa, Tia and Debbie, dressed in Ivanka’s designs, welcome them with a little introductory speech, and applause. It’s just like when the Queen visits!  In the windows, Dayana represents the origin of fashion inspiration, and Aubrey is featured as a designer being applauded for her runway show.  Forte seems to think Ivanka likes their windows.   

Scott of Lord & Taylor tells Ivanka that he thinks both teams did a good job, in the time allotted. The men’s window was very well executed, with impressive detail, as was the brand specific signage. She loved the concept of the twin models, but thought the evening presentation wasn’t as strong as the day.

Crunch time in the Board Room.  Hopefully this week’s battle won’t drag on and on. The Donald immediately goes for the jugular, asking Dayana to explain her concept. Uncharacteristically, Dayana stumbles over her words, but eventually spits it out. She thinks they beat George’s team. Teresa says that Dayana was a good Project Manager, while Tia clarifies that the team worked well together, despite the many challenges. But who’s the weakest player, Dayana? When she insists that ‘no one’ was weak, Don Jr. asks her if she’ll be coming back to the Board Room alone, should they lose. They won’t lose, she says, but Trump insists she has to name someone, or she’ll be the one fired.

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