Is there really anyone out there who’s not a Carol Burnett Show fan?  (If so shame on you!)  For those who like their funny ladies loud, colorful and all together delightful, we’re checking out the massive and comprehensive "The Carol Burnett Show: The Ultimate Collection."  The skinny on the 22-DVD, 50 episode set lies beneath the review curtain below!



Title: "The Carol Burnett Show: The Ultimate Collection"

Grade: 5

Cast: Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway

Director: Various

Rating: Unrated

Release Company: Time Life



The Show: I have fond memories of growing up and watching "The Carol Burnett Show."  The classic sketches, the laughter break ups, the unbridled genius of Burnett and the ever-dim prowess of Tim Conway.  This amazing five-star set brings it all back in one deliciously funny collection that has endless goodies and extras.  Not to mention that the packaging is so classically befitting – a curtain that slides over the DVD holders right down on the infamous animated mug of the iconic Burnett. (And even a nine-page booklet with messages for everyone and even a Harvey Korman Tribute – Time Life spared no expense!)  And while every fan knows about the legendary sketches like 'As the Stomach Turns' and 'Went With the Wind,' but what about those lesser known bits that ring comedy gold?  Let’s go through the best of all three of these 6-Disc sets to give you a taste of what to expect!



Title: "This Time Together"

Best Guest – A young and witty Lily Tomlin shows up for some great bits, including a woman behind bars ditty titled 'Caged Dames.'

Best Show – The episode featuring the great Pointer Sisters and their inclusion in the sketch 'Cinderella Gets it On.'  (Burnett can dig it!)

Gem - 'The Oldest Man: Clock Repair' is a must for the Conaway and Korman break-up fans.


Title: "Carol’s Favorite’s"

Guest – Does it get any better then a Steve Martin/Betty White combo episode?  ‘Well, excuse me!’

Show – There’s a reason Shirley MacLaine became a big star.  Watch this episode and see why!

Gem - 'The Oldest Man: The Butcher' (see above reasons!)


Title: "One More Time"

Best Guest – Not only is it great to see Maggie Smith, but watching her having to endure parent teacher day with Mama, Ed and Eunice in 'The Family: Teacher’s Dilemma' is just a hoot.

Best Show – We get some very funny and early Joel “Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins” Grey, who especially shines as a mama’s boy in 'Carol and Sis: The Boyfriend.'

Gem - 'The Oldest Man: The Doctor' dares to ask the question can Conway’s Man make it over the carpet and will Harvey keep a straight face?


While there is a cavalcade of bonus materials on the sets above, there are also two sets of two bonus features discs with enough info to choke a horse.  Each featuring everything from featurettes interviews with all the original cast to chat with influenced comedians like Amy Poehler, Jane Lynch and Carl Reiner – here’s the disc set skinny:



Title: "Exclusive Bonus Features Set 1"

Best – The loving featurette 'Bring the Lights Up – Carol’s Q&A’s' which dissects and delves into the best part of the show, namely when the magnetic and funny Burnett talks with various audience fans during the each show opening.  (Watch for a special Lyle Waggoner dinner with a smooch gag!)

Gem - The featurette 'Harvey Korman and Tim Conway Together Again' is a must for fans of the dynamic duo.


Title: "Exclusive Bonus Features Set 2"

Best – The featurette 'Breaking Up is Hard...Not to Do' which shows how everyone – yes, even the great Tim Conway – is susceptible to uncontrollable laughter. 

Gem – This set of two discs is particularly Harvey heavy with compete with a fascinating 'Career Interview' and a 'Tribute Featurette.'  Harvey rocked.



Worth the Moola: Like bringing family videos home, this set should be part of every fans collection and should be well preserved behind the cardboard curtain for many years and future fans to come.