Name: IM5

Country of Origin: USA

Label: Universal Republic Records

Members: Cole Pendery, Dalton Rapattoni, Dana Vaughns, Gabe Morales, Will Jay

Latest release: "Me & This Girl" (single)

What makes them special: The band was put together by a group of three entertainment industry veterans: Idol franchise creator Simon Fuller, touring mogul Jamie King and everyone's favorite gossip blogger Perez Hilton. It's hence natural that they will see mega success in their careers. Also, you know the saying, "Every band needs a ginger?" Well, instead of redheads, they have an Asian-American member in the group (Will), which makes the band all the more unique.

Trivia: Gabe has a Bacon number of 2 — this means that he has worked with someone who has directly worked with the great Kevin Bacon!

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